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Candice’s European tour diary 2014 – part 4

WED 8-20 (cont) After our show in Berlin at Wild at Heart, we were told that that the venue booker had messed up our accommodations somehow, and instead of staying at a hotel, they had to book us a hostel at the last minute. We went to the hostel lobby to check in. All 7 of us in one room! With one bathroom to share. Before going up to the room, we each have to grab a set of sheets, pillow case and towel. Then we somehow scrunch in to the tiny elevator with all our bags, except for Jonny...

Candice’s tour diary – Europe 2014 – part 3!

MONDAY 8-19 On Monday morning,I woke up to some crazy wind outside. The weather says it's 30mph. I think summer is defintely over here in Germany. We had a couple days off until our next show, which was in Berlin on Wednesday. Since we didn't have anything in particular to do on Monday, I was going to help one of our friends tend to the horses. She looks after 29 show horses, many of them injured from competition. But it's so cold and windy today that I think I'll stay here. Even going for a run this morning would prove...

Candice’s Europe Tour Diary 2014 – Part Deux

I actually slept really well on Wednesday night. I think I went to bed around 2 or 3 am since I wasn't tired until then. I woke up around 11:30am. When I got up and went to the kitchen, our van driver was already there. He had arrived a little earlier. He is driving the van filled with the gear we are using on this tour. I'm very happy we got to rent a backline on this tour. It's really nice to be playing on the same gear every gig and that we were able to pick gear that's...

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