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Candice’s Tour Diary Europe 2016: Pt 4

Aug 10th: I was finally starting to feel like a human again. My back was still hurting but nothing like it had been after Helgeåfestivalen on Saturday. Today we were playing at Rock Baten, a permanently docked boat in the city of Helsingborg. It's an extremely beautiful city. We have played there in every Swedish tour so far and we've become good friends with the owner of the boat. We arrived around 5 or 6pm. It's only a 45 minute drive from Martin's house in Lund. The guys from Budderside were going to be doing the next few shows with us so...

Candice’s European Tour Diary August 2016: Pt. 3.3

August 6th (cont) We arrived on the Helgeafestival grounds at around 2pm I think, and pulled up the the van to the loading area/ artist backstage. The first order of business was to locate the merch area and set that all up in the booth. We were warmly greeted at the gate by Svenna and Henrik, the two main guys who run the festival. It was great to see them again! We all went to the merch area, carrying and dragging all the suitcases across the festival grounds to get there. It had been raining on and off and it was actually...

Candice’s European Tour Diary August 2016: Pt 3.2

Aug 5th. Today was the first show of our tour. We had our gear all packed up and ready to go. The drum cases were so big this year that it left no room for merch or my guitar in the cargo area so we took out the extra seat and managed to fit all the merch boxes and extra guitars in the seating area of the van. Around 2pm we left our tour manager Martin's house in Lund, Sweden where we had been staying. The drive to Halmstad is about 2 hrs. I think I slept through most of it....

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