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Candice’s Tour Diary Europe August 2016: Final Pt.

Aug 20th/21st/22nd:
On Saturday, I was feeling well enough to resume playing and couldn’t wait to play another show. Sadly, today would be our last show of the tour, but I’m happy I was good enough to play now.

Martin had been working at the Rock Stage in Malmö all week so he had not been able to go with the guys on this run of shows either. So we took the train together from Lund to Sävsjö, where the festival was. We had to change trains once but the whole journey only took us a couple of hours. We had asked to guys, who were driving in from Stockholm to pick us up at the train station. We waited and waited and waited but they never showed. We couldn’t get a hold of any of them either so we started getting worried that something had happened to them. We finally got a ride from the festival crew who was shuttling people back and from the train station to the festival grounds.

When we arrived, the guys still weren’t there. We got ourselves checked in to the festival, walked around a bit, and then the guys showed up shorty after ward. We were worried that the van had broken down or something, but it turns out they got stuck in really bad traffic going through Stockholm, which delayed them for about an hour. We parked the van on the festival grounds and went to the artist lounge tent to get something eat. They were serving BBQ Ribs, pork and chicken along with the spiciest BBQ sauce we have ever had in our lives….no joke…we have been to TX and they had nothing on this BBQ sauce! After we ate, we walked around the festival a bit. There were 5 stages and ours was the only one under a tent, which we kind of liked because it looked like it was going to rain. I took a half nap in the van while waiting for it ti be time to load up our gear to the stage. When it was our turn, we drove the van over to the stage and got everything set up on stage. We were a bit concerned because we were scheduled to play at the same time as one of the headliners, who were playing the main stage. We were concerned that we wouldn’t have much of an audience. But as we started to play, more and more people showed up until the area was pretty packed. I broke a string about half way through the set, which was the first string I broke on this whole tour so far. But whatever, that’s what you have backup guitars for.

When we were done playing, we hung out for a while and then packed everything back up in the van. The festival had arranged for us to stay in cabins on the camp ground, but they didn’t have bathrooms or showers. There were public showers and restrooms, but we decided that we would rather just drive back to Martin’s instead. It was about a 3hr drive, so not too bad. Ryan and Martin shared the drive. Poor Martin had a really bad cold too, which he ended up passing on to me as well.

We got back to Martin’s around 4am I think, and then we all went to bed. We had the next day (Sunday) off before flying back out to LA on Monday.

The next day, Sunday was spent doing all the tour recaps: money, expenses, merch sales, inventory, etc….Otherwise, it was a pretty mellow day. The next morning, MOnday was our flight back to LA. We had to be at the backline company on the way to the airport to drop off all the gear. We had to be at the backline place around 6am. Even though they weren’t open yet, they had a passcode locked area we could enter to drop everything back off. After that was done, we headed over to the airport and started our journey home. Other than relentlessly sneezing from getting a cold, the trip home was pretty smooth and uneventful…just how I like it.

I feel like I should summarize a few things before I finalize this edition of my tour diary…
-I think this is the first tour diary I have ever finished. I usually start them and then get so wrapped up with what happens on tour, that I don’t always find the time to finish it…but I was determined to do so this time around…even if it a couple weeks after the tour has ended.
-This was the hardest tour I have ever had done from a health standpoint, which made it in some ways difficult to appreciate and enjoy at times, but no matter what, it  was completely worth it as always. I am grateful I get to do this, and I am thankful for every single person who gives a shit and comes out to our shows, and it is very important to me that people know how much we love all of you for your support. Whether you are in the US, Europe or anywhere else in the world, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it were not for YOU. I am also thankful to be surrounded by such a great team, including every member in Warner Drive, our tour manager Martin, our new label Dead End Exit, everyone in the industry who believes in us and has our backs, and our friends and fans.
-We are looking forward to continuing to grow, and expand to other parts of the world as well! Who knows, maybe even South America, Japan our Australia for starters 😛

So with all that said, this concludes yet another very successful and awesome Warner Drive tour and looking forward to many more! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

<3 Candice

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