Warner Drive on BANDIT RADIO! World premier of new single!


As you may know, we are recording a new album. We are joining the roster of record label Dead End Exit, based out of Malmö, Sweden! Our new album should be released sometime in the fall and we are very excited for you to hear our new songs….

AAAAAAAAND……check this out! Bandit Rock (Official) radio will be premiering our single “Anthem of the Douche” on June 9th at 11AM (Pacific time)/ 8PM (Swedish time)!!! This is the same day we play Sweden Rock Festival!! And what’s even better is that you can listen to the premier release of the song on Bandit’s website at http://play.bandit.se/live

No matter where you are in the world you will be able to hear it! We can’t wait for this!! Here is the link! http://play.bandit.se/live

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