Candice’s European Tour Diary: Part 5

I have 2 questions about Germany:
1) why does almost everyone smoke?
2) why does everyone who smoke insist on smoking inside?…
When we got to the venue Wood and Waves in Heide on Thursday I realized it was one of those places where people smoke inside even though the law says you can’t. I hate it. I can’t stand hanging out in smoke and coming home with my hair and clothes reeking of cigarettes. Too bad because we really liked the venue otherwise.

We got to the club in the late afternoon and loaded all our gear in. Because Jonny Law is so tall he is usually in charge of hanging the Warner Drive banner, which he purposely hung upside down this time “to shake things up a little”. This place was small, but had a good vibe despite the constant lingering plume of smoke. While we got set up the venue made us some coffee. And of course the other question was “do you have wifi?”, and they did, but because everyone was on it, it was extremely slow so I decided to buy a day pass wifi for $5. But then I realized it only worked outside and it was pouring rain, so that didn’t work out so well. It had been raining on and off and was grey all week.

After we did soundcheck, the opening band set up in front of our gear so they could soundcheck as well. We all decided to get some food. We walked around the main square in town in search of something that was still open and I needed to find a place that took credit cards. That’s another strange thing about germany: most businesses don’t take card, only cash. There was a sort of carnival going on in town but it looked pretty dead. We walked to a couple places that were closed. I don’t know how Jonny law and I got separated from the others as I thought they were following us, but we found ourselves on a quest to find a restaurant that would take credit cards. Finally we found one and I got the best BBQ bacon cheeseburger I have had in a long time. After we were done eating we walked back to the venue. By this time, the first band was about to start and the venue was packed from wall to wall! A lot of the people who had seen us a Dithmarscher festival and Bahnsen came to this show since it was only 30 minutes away from Marne. The opening band was pretty good. They had a female singer and bass player but I don’t remember what they were called. We went on after them. The place was so packed that it was like a furnace in there, but so much fun. Everyone was having a great time and singing along to our songs. At one point Jonny law got on top of the bar and was getting people to sing “Heidi Heidi hi” with him. When we were done they asked us to do an encore. Actually on this tour we got asked to do an encore at every single show…so maybe we were doing something right, or maybe it’s because we act like complete idiots on stage 😛

The owner of the venue was so kind. After we were done playing, he walked up to me and gave me an extra 50 euros he said for food on the way “home” after the show. He also kept giving us shots of this stuff they call “The Mexican”, which was really their homemade Bloody Mary but instead of serving it as a cocktail, they served it as shots. After a while he just started bringing out entire bottles of it with a tray of shot glasses. All of a sudden we had about 20 drunk people surrounding us like thirsty vampires asking for shots 😛 So I turned in to instant bartender and got people more drunk than they already were. I went back to our merch table after that where Jenny was holding the fort down and helping us sell merch. Soon after we had to pack everything up and get out of there.

When we got home Jenny and I took our smokey clothes, sweaters, shirts and pants to the outside patio and hung them all on the chairs in an attempt to get some of the cigarette smoke out.

Jonny U was really hungry because he couldn’t eat anything before the show due to the 3 hour rule. He never eats within 3 hours of a show because otherwise he gets cramps and gets sick while he’s playing. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything open on the way back to the house in Freseichskoog, so he was getting “hangry”. I found a refrigerated baguette in the fridge at the house. It’s the kind that you keep in the fridge until you are ready to eat and then throw in the over for 10 minutes to make it nice and crispy on the outside. So I made that for him and reheated some leftover potatoes that Maike and Arne had made for us a couple of days prior.
Soon after I went to bed. We had to be up very early the next day to drive back to Sweden.


I couldn’t tell you now what time I got up, but it was pretty early…maybe 6am or so. I had to wash my hair because it reeked of cigarettes from the night before. I got up before everyone else so that I could get a guaranteed shower and hot water. We now had 7 people in the house and I did not feel like fighting for bathroom time. I also went outside to get my clothes from the patio but they still smelled like smoke.

We packed up all the bed linens and towels to take back to Maike and Arne’s. We also wanted to say goodbye and thank them for taking such great care of us and treating us like part of the family. I know I’ve said it a million times before, but they really are some of the kindest people we have ever met. It’s such a comfort when you are on the road and there is somewhere you can go and you know you will feel at home. But they went beyond that. Despite their hectic schedule at the grocery store, they cooked us meals, did our laundry and let us hang out at their house as if it were ours. And that might be one of the things that makes touring so special: you get a glimpse in to someone’s else’s life, and instead of them just cracking the door open they let you in as if you had known them for years. And just like that, total strangers who live a world away from you turn in to some of the best lifelong friends and family you will ever have.

After we said our goodbyes, we got back in the van….now we were headed to Sweden.

It was approximately a 6 or 7 hour drive to Malmö. We were playing at Dr.Feelgoods that night with Swedish metal band Lillasyster. I think we maybe stopped once on the way. To be honest, these drives kind of turn in to a big blur, so I don’t remember much from it except that I was desperately trying to get some sleep because I was so tired. We were all tired. Late night, early morning. I think Martin drove the whole way there. I don’t know how he did it since he was just as tired as us, but he insisted that he was fine.

I think we got to Dr Feelgoods in Malmö, Sweden around 4pm. I felt dead. They weren’t quite ready for us to soundcheck so I set up merch and lounged around for a while. Lillasyster, the headlining band did their soundcheck first. When they were done we got set up and did ours as well. Martin had actually booked this show not only for us, but for Lillasyster so he wanted to make a good impression on them and their manager so he could possibly work with them again in the future. They requested sandwiches in their rider, so Martin went to the store to get bread rolls, sliced turkey and cheese. Jenny and I then sliced all the rolls on half and made all the sandwiches…probably about 30 of them.

Then we had more waiting around until doors opened. There’s always so much waiting around at shows. I went backstage and changed clothes and the others went to grab some food. I just ate one of the sandwiches I made for the other band. The place filled up over the next couple of hours. I think it held about 4-500 people. I think we went on around 9:30 or 10. It was such a great show and there many Warner Drive shirts in the crowd! These were all the people that we met from playing At Helgeafestivalen from previous years and we saw many familiar faces. When we got off stage, Jonny Law and I went straight to the merch table while the others cleared the stage of our gear so that Lillasyster could play. Turns out that Jonny U was friends with the guitarist. Small world. They were all really nice guys. Their bass player even gave me one of their hoodies in exchange for a warner drive shirt. We hung out and watched them play and had a few beers with fans. At the end of the night we packed everything up and loaded up the van. We were staying at Martin’s house in Lund that night since it was only a 15 minute drive away. Jonny U stayed back to hang out with the guys from Lillasyster while the rest of us went home.
When we got back to Martin’s house, we had a couple drinks to celebrate such a fun show. Soon after I got a shower, made up my bed, and finally went to sleep around 4am.

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