Candice’s European Tour Diary: Part 4

Today we went to Heide, Germany, a city about 30 minutes away from our house in Fredrichskoog. It was to do an acoustic performance/interview in order to promote our upcoming show a couple days later in Heide. We were greeted by the camera guy in front of a house. He took us to the back yard which led to a garage that had been transformed in to a bar/mancave. They called it the “pig pit”…at least I think that’s what it translated to. There was a full bar, small stand up tables, a couple chairs and memorabilia everywhere. It actually looked really cool and they used this as their “set” for this weekly show they did. They film it and put it on YouTube. They invite all their friends and so it just looks like this big party and interview for their show. When we arrived, the first thing they asked us was what we wanted to drink. They had a FULL bar, which included champagne, so of course I opted for the champagne ­čśŤ The others had beers and vodka. Jonny law ordered “fresh Cambodian breast milk” and the guy at the bar said: “ok, vodka Sprite it is!”

The first segment of the show was dedicated to a famous German comedic singer. They interviewed him first. Of course we had no idea what they were talking about because everything was in German but everyone was laughing a lot.

We started out our segment with a couple questions from the interviewer about our tour and our upcoming show in Heide, followed up with us playing Miles Away and Scarecrow acoustic. When we were done with our segment and they signed off the show, we all had a few shots of Seahundmilch, which is Arne and Maike’s liquor company. It’s this really sweet concoction of peach flavored snapps and cream stuff. We hung out for about another 30 minutes and went to Marne for dinner.

By the time we arrived at Rimo’s restaurant, we were all really hungry. We all placed our order and Jonny Law ordered mozzarella and tomato on bruschetta as an appetizer. The reason I bring this up is because something absolutely incredible happened next. When the appetizer arrived, we asked Jonny U kind of half jokingly if he wanted to try the mozzarella and tomato. If anyone knows Jonny U, they know that he only eats about 5 things: meat, potatoes, bread, Marinera sauce and BBQ sauce. He also has a fear of trying new things, and more importantly he HATES cheese. If cheese is near him he will leave the table. If someone next to him is eating cheese he will leave the table. And he certainly won’t eat cheese. With that said, when we asked a rather inebriated Jonny U if he would try the mozzarella and tomato he said….ya why not. As he held the bread topped with mozzarella and tomato, observing it hesitantly he commented: “you guys, I have never tried a tomato either…you realize that I would be trying two new things at once…and one of them is cheese”. So I gave him a little encouragement by saying that mozzarella doesn’t really have any flavor and doesn’t have that cheese taste. And to our complete and utter disbelief, he took a bite. He chewed it, he swallowed it (didn’t spit it out as I expected) and said “….hmmm I kind of like it!” The entire table broke out in to cheers and applause. This was truly historical for Warner Drive. And this was the second time on this tour that Jonny U tried something new as he had tried an olive a couple of days prior.

Shortly after, our dinners arrived at the table. When we were done we returned to the house and went to bed shortly after. After 3 days off we finally have a show tomorrow.

It was about an hour and a half drive to Hamburg from Fredrichskoog. I think I slept most of the way there. We arrived at Rock Cafe in the late afternoon. It was located in St Pauli, which is the hooker district of Hamburg. I’ve talked about it before, but there is the main Street called Reeperbahn where all the sex shops, peep shows and strip clubs are located, and for this reason is the most touristic area of the city. In many random locations scattered throughout the city, the prostitutes come out at night. They all wear tight pants, puffy jackets, and their signature furry Ugh style boots. They are pretty aggressive. They weren’t going after the guys in my band because I was with them, but I watched them walk along side of guys passing by and pulling at their arms to see if they were interested. But these prostitutes are like the food version of $2 street tacos. If you want something a little fancier like El Torito status, you have to go Herbertstra├če. That is a short street that has a warning at the entrance that says that no women are allowed. The hookers there are more like Amsterdam “quality”. But if a female was to walk down that street they would get buckets of piss thrown at them.

When we arrived at the venue “Rock Cafe St.Pauli” we met up with Jenny, our tour manager’s girlfriend and our friend Manon. Jenny lives in Germany and was to spend the next few days with us. She’s a good friend of ours so we were happy to have her along, even though it made the van sitting situation a little more cramped. The only extra space was up front on the bench seat. So it was Martin driving along with Jenny squished between us. I sat up front mostly because I was voted as the smallest person in the van. But I still managed to take one of the back seats once in a while over the next few days. As a side note, when we were on tour last year, we stumbled across this venue when walking around town and went inside go check it out. We all thought it would be a really cool place to play. When we booked this show, we didn’t even realize it was that very same place.

We got to the venue in Hamburg a little early so we decided to grab something to eat. There was a d├Âner kebab place right around the corner, so we went there. They had two slabs of rotating roasted meat to pick from. And so I asked if that was lamb or beef. And the guy said yes it’s lamb. And then he said yes it’s beef. I soon realized he didn’t know the difference in English, so I said “Does it go Moooo or does it go baaaaa-aahh?” He laughed and said it’s mooooo, so I had the moooooo for lunch.

When we were done we went back to the club and loaded in for soundcheck. When we got done, we walked up and down the main street for a while in and out of shops, looking for a belt or belt buckle for Jonny U. He had been complaining the last few days that his belt buckle had broken and his pants kept falling down. We went to quite a few places but couldn’t find anything that didn’t have some kind of cheesy bling or logo on the buckle. We all went back to the venue for a while, and soon got bored again. Jonny U was still out in the wild looking for a belt buckle. We all went back out to the main street, and eventually met back up with him. He finally found a belt. Then the guys wanted to walk to Herbertstra├če. But because females aren’t allowed in, Jenny, Manon and I had to hang out outside of the street. About 5 minutes later they returned. They just wanted to walk through just to say they did. We returned to the venue and they had dinner for us…Chinese food…it was really good. I hadn’t had Chinese food in a really long time. The first band 21 degrees played. It was our german booker friend Michael’s band. Our friend Sandra showed up there as well. We love her and she always insists on selling our merch for us. I think she would be mad at me if I didn’t let her sell our merch.

We went on soon after and hung out for a while after the show. We got everything loaded in the van at the end of the night. We all waited in the van as Ryan walked our friend Manon to the train station so she could go back home. All the drug dealers had come out and looked like they were casing the van so we were afraid to leave it. I guess St. Pauli is a sketchy part of town. When Ryan got back, we drove to the house in Fredrichskoog. I went to bed shortly after getting back.

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