Candice’s European Tour Diary:Part 6


We woke up the next morning at Martin’s house. I think I was up first so I made some eggs for breakfast. We kind of just lounged around the house until about noon or so which was what time we had to leave to be be in Knislinge, Sweden. We we were playing at a venue called Folkets Park, which was on the grounds of the where the Helgaefestival had taken place this summer. It was only an hour and half long drive, which I was very pleased about.

We arrived at Folkets park around 3 PM and we proceeded with the usual routine of unloading the van, setting up the gear on stage, and then having soundcheck. We were very excited to play the show because the people who run the Helgaefestival had been the ones to set this up for us! Because we were not able to make it to Sweden during the summertime to play the festival, they were kind enough to help us set up a show for our fall tour. It was so flattering that they really wanted us back and so we were very much looking forward to this show. When we got there they treated us like kings. After sound check they showed us to our backstage area which had been very neatly set up with couches, snacks,  water, soda and a bottle of Absolut vodka.

image image The venue had a full kitchen, so when we were done with soundcheck, we were all able to order what we wanted for dinner. We had the choice between pork and potatoes or a chicken wrap. I went with the chicken wrap because so far this tour I have eaten nothing but meat and starch.

After we were done with dinner, our friends Mattias and Michaela arrived. They are very good friends of ours and we met them a couple of years back at the Helgeafestival. They were so sweet to us and it always amazes me how fortunate we are to be surrounded with people who want nothing more but to help us in any way they can. They organized (and I mean really organized) and inventoried our merch, then set it up for us. In addition, Mattias had made printed and laminated price lists for our merch booth in both Swedish Crowns and Euros! You see what I mean? People are just awesome. Other awesome people include the photographers who come to our shows. I am so grateful for every one of them. I can never take having talented photographers around to document our shows for granted. Roger Persson is one of those, and he got some impressive shots of us that night!

image image image

And what a kick ass show it was! This was a true test for us because in previous years, we had mostly just played festivals. The true test lies in whether or not we actually had an impact at these festivals and if we could carry our own weight when coming back on our own, doing a club tour only. We had a really good sized crowd there, and they were all singing along to our songs, smiling, laughing and having a great time. I had a sense of accomplishment because it had stuck, and people were there just to see us, not a festival with 20 bands in the lineup.

After we got off stage, we went to the merch booth, which was glorious instant chaos. Other than actually being on stage, this part of the show is my favorite. I love meeting people, talking to them, and I am just plain grateful that I get to do this…and it’s all thanks to music. And it’s true when we say we don’t have fans….we have friends. I still can’t and will never get over how truly kind people are to us.

One girl invited us to an afterparty at their house, and her boyfriend wrote the address to the house on Ryan’s hand with a sharpie. We didn’t go but I thought that it was kind of cute. One of the guys who came to that show got a Warner Drive tattoo a few days later 🙂 image

Eventually, we packed everything up, said our goodbyes and left the venue. We drove 5 minutes away to where we were staying that night: a beautiful country cottage that we rented for the night. It was cheaper than us all having hotel rooms and way better. It had at least 6 bedrooms so we all got our own space. I was so tired that I went straight to sleep…I couldn’t stay awake any longer. But I guess the guys stayed up a while longer…I only know because the next day they showed me the videos of themselves being kind of drunk and silly and showing “how well they could dance”. I wish I could show you the videos but they won’t let me 😛

Here are a few pics of the house:

image image

The next morning, I was the first to get up, which is usually how it goes. I’m usually driven by wanting to get a shower before anyone else and wanting breakfast. Breakfast was easy: I opened the fridge and there were hard boiled eggs, mini open faced sandwiches with cheese and veggies (typical Swedish) and yogurt.
I ate some breakfast and took a shower. Shortly afterwards, the others were up and eating breakfast as well. We lazily lounged around for a while, and finally left the house around noon. We packed up the van and headed back to Martin’s house in Lund.

An hour and a half later we were back In Lund. We just hung around for about 3 hours before going to Martin’s parents’ house for dinner. We love his parents. It’s easy to see where Martin gets his kindness, generosity and smarts from. I nicknamed Martin “Smartin” the first year of him tour managing for us, and for good reason.

Martin’s dad is a really interesting guy. He collects clocks…lots of them. I forgot how many he said were in the house, but I know it’s well in to the double digits. He is also a very bright and talented man. He does woodwork as a hobby and the house is filed with pratical wooden objects that he has made such as bowls, a collapsable luggage rack system (genius), and this….

When you see what it is, you will get it….I will let you figure it out…

Martin’s mom is a wonderful cook. I get excited any time we get invited over to their house for dinner because I know it will be delicious, and this time was no exception. She made Swedish meatballs….(real Swedish meatballs in Sweden!) and potatoes with a cream sauce (the swedes eat everything with sauce). It was soooooooo good…we all stuffed ourselves, but we still ate the homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.


We hung out for another hour, immersed in a food coma and then rolled ourselves back to Martin’s house. We had important business to attend to the next day!

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