Candice’s Tour Diary – European tour 2015 – Part 1: getting to Europe


Super super excited for our European tour 🙂 so I’m going to try to write as much as possible….
I don’t usually write anything about the airport but I guess the “excitement” started at LAX. When I arrived at the Canada Air check in at 6am, Ryan and Carl were already there. We were waiting for the two Jonnys to arrive to check our bags, since Jonny Law had the merch bag and we knew it would be overweight, and we needed to distribute the weight throughout the rest of our luggage. About after 5 minutes of waiting, the check-in counter lady frantically comes up to us and asks what flight we are on. We said we are on the 8:30am to Toronto and connecting to go to Copenhagen. She had a very strong Indian accent, so it was really hard to understand her, but she basically told us that our 8:30 flight was being very very delayed due to aircraft mechanical difficulties and that we may not make our connecting flight in Copenhagen, so therefore she was going to put us on the 7am flight out to Toronto instead.  The problem was that the Jonnys hadn’t yet arrived and they kept saying they were a couple minutes away, but two minutes turned in to 10 and then 15. I told her we can’t leave without them, so I kept putting off letting her check our bags on the new flight. And then she kept frantically asking me over and over again exactly when they would be arriving and finally I said, I don’t have a GPS location on them, so I can’t tell you. Finally they arrived at around 6:30 and she got all our bags checked in.  She then walked us to the front of the security line so we could get on the plane in time for takeoff. I am really thankful she was able to get us on that flight. Otherwise we could have been possibly stranded in Toronto for a full day waiting for the next flight to Copenhagen.
We all got on the plane and that was the first time I looked at my ticket. My seat was literally on the last row, aisle seat…… next to the toilet. I didn’t know where the rest of the guys were seated since we all got  scattered seat assignments.  I’m pretty patient when it comes to airplane traveling BS and inconveniences but sitting by the toilet is the WORST, and it was especially bad on this full flight.  Usually the flight attendants will only let a couple of people stand up in the toilet area at a time, especially when there is only one lavatory area for a big plane, like in this case. But the flight attendants didn’t enforce that. So I’m not exaggerating when I say that for the ENTIRE duration of this almost 6hr flight, I constantly had a line of 6-10 people standing next to me. And they weren’t just standing next to me….I had asses, beer bellies and men’s junk in my face…people don’t give a shit. They just pressed up against me like I didn’t even exist. At some point, one guy had his junk half way in to my seat area and after having to lean over left toward the person sitting next to me to avoid getting smushed by various body parts, I finally said to the guy, excuse me but am I in your way?….and he looked at me with a blank stare and I said…I already had breakfast, I don’t need your nuts in my face, thank you.  The guy next to me laughed, but at this point I was about to lose it. This was 3 hours in to this and people were also leaning on the top of my seat, and I had to keep telling people to stay off of it. I then saw the flight attendant who was half way up the plane and couldn’t come any closer due to the 10 person deep toilet line, so I got her attention from a half plane away and said: excuse me ma’am, but are there any other seats on this plane because I’m really sick of having asses in my face. At that point half of the plane started laughing and she said, no I’m really sorry but the flight is completely full.  Ugh. So I covered my face with my jacket for most of the rest of the flight so I could imagine I was somewhere else.
When we finally landed and I got off the plane, the guys were all waiting for me at the exit. I began telling them about my literally shitty  experience and asked them where they had sat. They all laughed and that’s when they told me they had ALL been upgraded to first class!!! WTF!!??? And they said there was an extra seat in there and they asked the flight attendant if I could sit there and she said no because she had to keep it open in case they got a request from a frequent flyer passenger. Arrgh!!! Oh and they also got free gourmet  omelettes for breakfast, while I had to purchase some crappy burnt egg and cheese English muffin thing.
When we arrived at Toronto airport, we went through passport check. Well, Jonny U stayed back a while to go to the smoking area to join us later. We had a 5hr layover. Jonny law, Ryan and I all got through passport check, but as we were waiting on the other side, we realized that we had been waiting for Carl for quite some time. I guess the Canadian border patrol held him back to ask a bunch of questions about what we were doing here, even though we merely had a layover.
About 45 min later they let him through and by that time Jonny U also arrived. So we all grabbed some food and hung out until it was time to board our next flight to Copenhagen.
This flight was WAAAAAAY more pleasant.  In fact, it was thankfully at the complete opposite spectrum of the last flight. It was on one of those brand new dream liners, with lots of space and the flight only had 88 people on it. The flight attendant let me take the bulkhead row all to myself so I got to stretch out. We also got free drinks, so I got 2 bloody Marys and then dinner and then slept for almost the entire rest of the 7hr flight. Sooooo much better 🙂
We arrived in Copenhagen around 10am or so, and then collected all our luggage. Tour manager Martin was there to pick us up in the van. We went straight to the backline rental place Soundforce MKII to pick up the amps and drums. I can’t believe we were able to fit everything in the back cargo area of the van…some serious Tetris! When we got all loaded up we drove about 30 minutes to Martin’s house and got all our beds set up.  The guys all went out to grab some food but I stayed back to chill and take a shower. I also had a 2 hr nap…I was pretty jet lagged.  We all hung out for a few more hours, trying to stay awake so we wouldn’t fall asleep too early and wake up in the middle of the night wide awake. I eventually went to sleep around 11pm.
I woke up at 5am.  I got up for a while and then eventually fell back asleep around 7am and was woken up by my alarm at 9am. The plan was to leave for Germany at around 10am and head for Fredriechskoog. Tomorrow we play in Cologne yay!
Fredriechskoog is about a 6hr drive from Lund, Sweden. The plan is to get there and rehearse so we can test out all the backline gear. We stay the night there and then head to Cologne tomorrow. We got the van packed up and left around 10:30am.
It’s been weird having to wear sweaters, scarves and coats.  When we left LA, it we in the high 90s and now we are in Sweden where it’s grey and in the low 40s. But I’m not complaining….I’m actually really enjoying the cooler weather.  And I get to wear a coat…….I never get to wear a coat in LA. We are now driving south through the Swedish countryside. It’s really pretty out here. I really like Sweden. But when you’re in a van for a few hours and you’re bored out of your mind and can’t sleep, you have interesting conversations. Today I asked Ryan how something could be hot as balls or cold as balls at the same time.  He responded with…well, when in doubt, use the international unit of measurement…balls…it works for everything.  Makes sense I guess. Back to staring out the window now…

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