Candice’s 2015 European Tour Diary: Part Two


Eventually, we made it to Marne, Germany around 5pm. We went to our friends Maike and Arne’s house briefly. We call them our German family. They always take care of us when we are in town like we were one of their kids. Love those guys. They also own one of the grocery Edeka chain grocery stores in town. Their house is right about the store. Arne had us follow him to the next town over, Fredrichskoog, to show us the house we would be staying in for the week. That house is the Warner Drive German headquarters for this tour.
It’s actually a quaint little house just walking distance from the North Sea beach. There are 3 bedrooms, so we all are sharing. Jonny law and I, Carl and Jonny U in another room and Martin with Ryan. It’s really cold today and it’s going to take quite a while for the house to warm up. Maike and Arne sent us over to the house with a huge pot of delicious homemade chili. Jonny U went with Arne to Bahnsen, the venue where we are to play in a couple days. The rest of us ate chili at the house. When were done we met up at Bahnsen to pick up Jonny U and go to rehearse. Richard, the owner of the Dithmarsher festival grounds has a barn house next to the horse stables on his land where he let us set up and rehearse. We had to carry all the gear up a steep set of stairs before getting set up. It was raining really hard and it was really cold so we tried to make that happen as quick as possible. We really just wanted to test out all the gear so we only rehearsed a short one hour set. It just blows my mind how good Orange amps sound!….Ryan, Carl and I are all using them.
We packed everything back up in to the van and after having to tear me away from petting the horses in the stable, we went back to the house.
Nothing else really happened that night. We basically just hung out and eventually went to bed. We had to get up early to drive to Cologne the next morning.

We aimed to leave at 8am for Cologne, but in the usual Warner Drive fashion, we ran behind. Six people and one shower. By the time I got my shower, it was ice cold. That was probably the quickest shower I have ever had. We all got in the van and headed out. The drive was supposed to take about 6-7 hours, but there were so many accidents on the way due to rain that it took about 8-9 hours to arrive. I don’t really remember much from the drive. I ended up sleeping for most of the way there. I’m not usually capable of falling asleep in the van, but I guess I must have been pretty tired. Martin actually drove the whole way there.

When we arrived it had pretty much stopped raining. We loaded in all the gear and set up for soundcheck. This was a very early show. The venue, Limes, had a very early curfew because even though it’s located in the city, there are many apartment buildings around and many noise restrictions, so the show had to be over by 10pm.
Our friend’s band Syndicate opened the show and we went on after them. We played for about an hour and then hung out for a while. Jonny Law and I had already decided that we would be the ones to a drive back to our house in Fredrichskoog that night. We decided that driving back after the show was better than spending more money on hotel rooms and also we had to be at load in for the show the next day at 3pm. If we had stayed overnight we would have had to leave very very early in the morning anyway. Trying to assemble everyone to leave a show, especially when almost all the others have been drinking except for you is like herding cats. We got off stage at 10 pm. We didn’t leave until midnight. We finally got everyone in the van. By the way, our van, which Martin owns, has an interlock device, meaning that in order to even get it started you have to blow in to a breathalyzer. I guess he bought the van from the city of Lund, and they all the city vehicles are equipped with that technology. He blew in to it but had a hard time making it work this time. There was a glitch with it, so for a minute I was worried that we were going to be stuck in Cologne. Eventually he got it to work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to become stranded somewhere on this tour because of it.
We left at around midnight. I was already really tired and jetlagged, so I’m not going to lie, that drive was pretty tough. Jonny U and Ryan had been drinking, so they were out. Martin already drove the 8hrs to get there so we wanted him to get some rest. Carl doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift, which is really really really weird to me. I think all guys should at least know how to drive a stick. And Jonny law was going to take the second half of the drive. I drove for about 3 hours or so before I had to stop. I was so tired I started hallucinating. We stopped at a gas station for a few minutes to switch drivers. I hate that you have to pay to
use most public restrooms and this one was no exception. It was 70 cents to get through the barrier so I could go pee. It’s 3am, I have no change on me, and we just spent close to $100 in gas. Nope. Not paying. I climbed over the barrier and some alarm went off and Martin looked at me with a look of horror. And then I said…what are they gonna do…send the pee police out to get me? And of course nothing happened. We all got back in the van and now Jonny was driving. I stayed up the rest of way back to help navigate him. Well I fell asleep a few times and we got lost at some point around Hamburg because the freeway closed our connecting exit to the other freeway and the detour wasn’t indicated. The GPS kept trying to send us back the way we weren’t allowed to go. Eventually we figured it out but the 3 hours that Jonny law drove seemed to take an eternity because we were so exhausted. We finally made it back to the house at 6am. I went straight to bed.

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