Candice’s tour diary – Europe 2014 – part 3!


On Monday morning,I woke up to some crazy wind outside. The weather says it’s 30mph. I think summer is defintely over here in Germany. We had a couple days off until our next show, which was in Berlin on Wednesday. Since we didn’t have anything in particular to do on Monday, I was going to help one of our friends tend to the horses. She looks after 29 show horses, many of them injured from competition. But it’s so cold and windy today that I think I’ll stay here. Even going for a run this morning would prove to be quite difficult. I went outside for a second to check it out and almost got blown over. I hate being inside…at least I have my guitar!

I think I was still full from the previous night’s dinner. Our German family, as I like to call them, made us a traditional northern german meal. They told us that’s this is the European capital of cabbage. So they made us cabbage, minced pork and potatoes with some kind of gravy sauce. I can’t even tell you how good the food was. Ridiculous!!!

I had some coffee And I decided to go for a walk. I really just wanted to be outside. There was wind but and but I had a few layers on. My walk turned in to a run about 15 min in since all of a sudden it started to pour. It’s been 2 days and it’s been raining ever since. But I still got to hang out at our friend Silke’s ranch and check out some of the horses. Only 3 out of 29 were in the stable. They are all show and competition horses that are there to recover from injuries. Only Jonny U and I went to the ranch. The others stayed back at the house. I’m pretty obsessed with animals though, so I can’t pass of a chance to hang out with horses. Plus I was going stir crazy in the house and I really wanted to get out.


The next day, we got to take a tour of the Dithmarscher brewery in Marne. I had never been on a brewery tour before. It was definitely fun to see the process of making the beer. After the tour they took us to their underground brewery bar, where they served us every kind of beer they make plus sausage and soft pretzels with mustard. We were all hammered in about 15 minutes. They kept making us finish our beers so we could try another one. I’m not complaining…there are worse things I could be doing 🙂 it was definitely a lot fun. We met a lot of German folks and of course everyone was completely drunk by the time we left.


After our couple days off, we headed out at around 9am to play at Wild at Heart in Berlin. We only have one bathroom to share in the house we have been staying at in Marne, and there are 7 of us. The guys keep making fun of the bathing situation because it’s just a tub with one of those handheld shower heads, but because the house is shaped like a triangle at the top, you can’t stand or even sit up straight as the slanted ceiling is right above your head. So you kind of have to sit half crooked while trying not to get water all over the bathroom. I accidentally showered my towel and clothes while trying to rinse soap off my arm.

We loaded up the van with the help of the driver before leaving. It wasn’t easy since we don’t have a trailer and there is not much room for cargo. All I have to say is that it’s a good thing we played Tetris as kids. The drive to Berlin was pretty uneventful. I slept most of the 5 hr drive anyway.

We got in to Berlin early so we could meet with an agent over at KKT booking agency, one of the very top ones of Europe. Who knows if anything will come of it, but at least we got to talk to them. We decided to show up unannounced since we were going to be in town anyway to play at Wild at Heart in Berlin. After our meeting, we had a few hours until we had to go to the venue. One shocking thing about Berlin is all the graffiti. Every single building as far as the eye can see is littered with tagging, and not the cool artsy kind. I’m sorry to say that to me it just looked so run down because of it. I kept thinking that it was just the neighborhood we were in, but as we drove across the city, the graffiti never let up. There’s definitely a punk music scene, which I liked, but there is also this weird depressing energy here. Yet some people absolutely love this city. We met several people at our show that are American transplants in Berlin and just fell in love with the city. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I need to spend more time here.

We ran in to a Canadian guy on the street asking us where the Berlin Wall was. We had no idea, but since he asked we decided to try to find it. We originally thought that we were far away from it, but then realized we were only a half mile away, so we went to the Berlin Wall. On the street side of the wall, artists had painted beautiful murals. Unfortunately, most of it was tagged over with anti Jew and anti black slurs. Tagging everywhere on everything. Some people think it’s cool…just not my thing I guess.

After wandering around the city and stopping by a coffee shop for a while, it was time to load in at the venue. After soundcheck, they served us dinner. It was some kind of chicken curry with rice and vegetables…really good! And then we played the waiting game. That’s the one thing I don’t like about being on the road…the waiting. Waiting to play. That lull between the time you did soundcheck and the time the show starts. Hurry up and wait. So before we played this other band opening, Tiger Snakes of Death, got all dressed up in…well I don’t really know how to describe guy had turned a tiger rug in to a tiger furry outfit, another one wore super short cut off daisy dukes, and the others all wore snake skin leggings and matching snake skin shirts. So, that whole thing entertained me while we were waiting to play.

We finally took the stage at 11pm. The show was good and they really seemed to like us there. We were supposed to have hotel rooms taken care of for us through the venue but unfortunately, the booker had kind of screwed up, so we had to get a hostel since that was the only thing available at the last minute and that late at night.

I’ll write more about the hostel when I get wifi again. Playing in Cologne, Germany tonight at the Sonic Ballroom. Supposed to be a really cool place! Looking forward to tonight’s show!

Over and out!

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