Candice’s tour diary: Europe 2014: part 1

Well we finally made it to Europe! We just made it to Germany last night back to the town of Marne. We have made so many friends over here the last couple years of playing the Dithmarscher Festival, that it actually kind of feels like home now. Marne is this little town home to Dithmarscher beer and it’s about an hour and a half from Hamburg.

We left LA on Monday night. This is the first time we’ve ever flown to Europe on a direct flight and makes a HUGE difference in how you feel when you get here. I actually got sleep on the plane which was amazing. We flew on Virgin Atlantic and maybe their free alcohol had something to do with how well I slept.

The last couple weeks leading up to this tour have been insanely busy. A week before leaving we filmed a music video for “Boys and Girls” , one of the singles from our new album City Of Angels. The album is getting released in Europe this week and in the US in September. As a side note, I know a lot of people in the US have been some people are upset with us because we are releasing it in Europe first, but the only reason for that is a practical one. Since we are touring here first and then touring the US, it made sense to release the album in accordance to when and where we are touring. So don’t worry US, we still love you 🙂 And by the way, the video is going to be amazing!!! Wessley Alley, the director did a kick ass job putting together a script, and then organizing the whole crew for the shoot. I can’t wait for it to come out! He should be editing while we are in Europe 🙂

So, to get back to our tour….
It felt like it took me 2 weeks to pack. Actually, it did take me 2 weeks to pack haha! Every time I thought I had everything I needed, I had to get something else. We can’t travel with all our gear (only instruments and guitar pedals), so some things have to be improvised. And by the way, if you are ever looking for the least expensive suitcase, go to Ross. I have been EVERYWHERE looking for a good deal on luggage, and that is by far the best you are going to do. (I got a $139 rolling suitcase for $34).

Last night, we arrived in Hamburg all in one piece. No luggage lost, no instruments broken! Amazing! Our friends Arne and Andy picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hotel in Marne, about an hour and a half away. As soon as we unloaded everything, they said, ok, time for a drink! You don’t say no to Germans. You never say to Germans! We walked down to the bar down the street. Their owner stayed open just for us because Arne told him we were coming in to town. How is that for hospitality! Aaaaand….he also made us bratwurst dinner which was ridiculously delicious, and had us try the new Dithmarscher beer. Beer and brats! After that we were
all pretty beat from traveling so we all went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

I woke up at 11:30 this morning. I slept 9 hours straight. So hopefully that means I don’t get jetlag! We didn’t do much today. It was nice to have a day to chill before the craziness. We left the hotel around 1:30pm to take all our stuff to the house we are staying at in the next town. It’s a totally remodeled house…pretty nice! We went to the beach and got some lunch and then went back in to town to buy groceries for the house. I guess I’ve been elected to make dinner tonight. It’s usually me or Elvis (I’m not sure the others can cook). That’s ok I don’t mind. Because if I cook that just means I don’t have to do dishes ha!

I think that we are going to have a few drinks with some friends tonight too. It’s definitely not that same without our friends from Vayden though. Last year, we went from bar to bar one night in Marne with acoustic guitars in hand. There were about 9 of us and at every bar we would just break out in to random songs like Sweet Caroline or something like that, and all the old people who looked at us with the evil eye when we first popped in to bar were singing along by the second song, and asking for more haha. But this year it’s a solo Warner Drive tour….no Vayden. We will miss those guys!

Tomorrow we will be getting our back line gear and our van and driver. We will get to rehearse tomorrow and then play the first festival of the tour, which will be in Brunsbuttel, the next town over. People are already setting up their tents at the camp grounds….can’t wait to play!

Well that’s it for now….goin to meet up with some of our friends in town. Can’t wait til Friday!

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