Candice’s European tour diary 2014 – part 6!

MON 8-25
Lund, Sweden

Today is laundry day. This was our first opportunity this whole tour so far to do laundry. You will never appreciate a laundry day more than on tour. At home, I put off doing laundry. On tour, it’s like a special holiday or event I can’t wait for. It’s not that I didn’t bring enough clothes, but it’s just such a good feeling when you know all your clothes in your suitcase are clean, and then you can reorganize it again and actually find things. We used the laundry room inside Martin’s building. Between all of us, it took all day, but we didn’t mind.

Elvis’s girlfriend, Michelle was to arrive at Copenhagen airport that morning, and Elvis was supposed to take the 30 minute train ride out there to pick her up. The only problem is that he woke up with food poisoning or a flu or something like that. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I think it was this super concentrated fruit juice that he got on the way to Sweden. I specifically remember him getting back in to the van, bragging about how this is some detoxifying juice that has lots of fiber and will clean you out. It cleaned him out alright. Unable to go pick her up, he had to stay at the house while Martin and Jonny U went to the airport to greet her instead. I felt bad for Elvis of course, but also for his girlfriend because she had just flown half way across the world to hang out and see him just a few short days and now would have to take care of him.

Martin and Jonny U showed up at the house with Michelle. We said hi to her briefly, and then Martin drove her and Elvis to their hotel in Malmo. That night, our driver Tim decided to make us dinner. He made spaghetti bolognese and it was delicious! I mean it was really, really good. After dinner we walked in to town to grab a drink with some friends. We all had a beer and then after a while headed back to the house. When we got back I found a DVD to watch, but I fell asleep about 30 minutes in to the movie.

TUE 8-26
I met up with my friend Maria and we walked to the center of Lund. We grabbed some food at her favorite lunch spot. I had the best bagel I ever had in my entire life. It was actually a bagel sandwich with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette. It’s just so crazy how much better everything tastes in Europe compared to the US. It’s not they necessarily prepare their foods any differently, but the fruits and vegetables here have so much flavor. I can’t describe it. You could have made that exact bagel sandwich in the US, but if you were to compare the two, the one made with over-farmed American Ingredients would taste like cardboard in comparison.

It rained on and off all day so as we walked around the city we sometimes had to take shelter while waiting for the rain to die down so we wouldn’t get soaked. Then we went to Maria’s work. She manages a coffee house/cafe/restaurant. We went in for cappuccinos and macaroons, which she had made. Holy crap! So good! Jonny Law joined us shortly after we got there. He has a slight obsession with the chocolate and sea salt macaroons there and never passes up an opportunity to get them.

We all left after we were done, and walked around town a little longer. Jonny law wanted new sneakers so we went in to a sports store and he didn’t find anything, however I found a pair of slip on vans that were on clearance and the only pair that was there was in my size…and it was only 50 SEK which comes out to only $7. Everything in Sweden is usually extremely expensive, so I was pretty stoked on this find.
Then we said bye to Maria, and Jonny and I walked back to Martin’s.

When we got back to the house, Ryan had just got done editing a video that he and Jonny U did for the ice bucket challenge. It’s actually pretty hilarious. We have all been nominated several times over and were planning on doing it some time all together the following week, but ryan and Jonny got bored and went for it. The rest of us still have to do it.

We were invited to Martin’s parents house for dinner that night. So we headed out around 6pm. His mom and dad sure can cook! They had made us grilled curry BBQ chicken, potatoes, steamed veggie salad and my favorite thing that Martin’s mom makes, which I requested was this cake she makes with cheese cake Filling and apples.

His dad has this lawn mower we are all obsessed with because imagine a Rumba vacuum know those round robots that vacuum your floor. Now imagine something not much bigger than that, kind of shaped like a mini bat mobile, that mows the lawn for you while you sit and watch the whole thing happen. Swedes come up with some pretty great inventions.

After dinner, we drove back to Martin’s house. I went to sleep soon after. Food coma set in. And besides, we had a long day ahead of us since we were going to be playing in Oslo, Norway the next day…

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