Candice’s European tour diary 2014 – part 4

WED 8-20 (cont)
After our show in Berlin at Wild at Heart, we were told that that the venue booker had messed up our accommodations somehow, and instead of staying at a hotel, they had to book us a hostel at the last minute.

We went to the hostel lobby to check in. All 7 of us in one room! With one bathroom to share. Before going up to the room, we each have to grab a set of sheets, pillow case and towel. Then we somehow scrunch in to the tiny elevator with all our bags, except for Jonny U who had stayed behind at the club and gone out with the guys from The Tiger Snakes of Death. They wanted to “make party” as they said they do in Germany.

When we have only one bathroom as we did in this case, someone will usually call “first shower” at some point earlier that day when they think of it and then everyone else starts calling out “I got second”, “I got third!”etc…. And as soon as the person who called first shower tries to take their shower, more often than not one of the guys will say “hey wait, before you take a shower I need to take a shit, but I’ll be really quick (ya right!), and then someone else will say wait can I pee before you shower? And then it’s 45 minutes til the first person even showers. By that time, I’ve usually fallen asleep and shower in the morning. We made our beds and I fell asleep.

THUR 8-21
The next morning we had to leave by 10am get to Cologne, Germany. I set my alarm for 9am so I could get a shower and also some breakfast downstairs, but I woke up at 8am for no good reason. Tour manager Martin was also up, so he went with me to the breakfast buffet area. After breakfast I got a shower, packed my bag and we left. We had another uneventful 6 hour drive. I think I slept most of the way.

We arrived in town around 4:30pm. Our friends from the band Syndicate, who are from Cologne and had previously played with us at Dithmarscher Rock Fest greeted us when we got in to town with a cooler full of beers in the back of their car. And because they saw how much I like Haribo gummies, they brought me three giant bags!!!! I have eaten so many Haribo gummy candies in the last few days, that I don’t think I can ever eat any again haha.

We walked around a bit. Cologne is a very nice city. To me the vibe just seems so much lighter and easier than Berlin. Apparently the venue we played that night, Sonic Ballroom is supposed to be the Mecca of punk rock for the area.
We grabbed some food at a kebab place. It was delicious and maybe the best döner I have had yet. By this time, Jonny U said he was experiencing the worst hangover since he turned 21. I guess the Germans are better at “making party” than he is.

We arrived at the venue at 6pm. We were told to be there at 6pm. But then the sound guy said we were supposed to be there at 5pm. The usual miscommunication BS. But, no big deal. We got loaded in and sound checked pretty quickly.
Then we got settled in to the apartment upstairs from the venue, where we would spend the night. It was nice not to have to drive anywhere at the end of the night. One of the people who works there had made us a delicious home cooked meal and it was ready for us right after soundcheck. So we went upstairs to the apartment to eat. She had made mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, chicken soup, and salad. I’m telling you…I eat waaaaaay better on tour these days than I do at home.

We took the stage around 11pm and the place was packed. Such a fun show! Our German family friend Arne flew in from Marne to see us. And we saw quite a few more familiar faces as well. We had a really good draw, especially considering that we had never even been to Cologne.
I eventually went to bed around 2 or 3 am. The apartment had 3 rooms with a few beds in them each. Ryan, Jonny Law, driver Tim and I shared one room. There were bunk beds in there, hostel style. I got up around 7am to get a shower, even though I had showered the night before. At around 8am, when everyone was ready to leave, we started making our way to Copenhagen, which was a 10 hour drive.

FRI 8-22
The drive to Copenhagen from Cologne is usually about 12 hours, but we shaved some of that time off by taking the ferry from Germany to Denmark, rather take the long way and drive the whole way. We have taken this ferry on previous tours as well. We all really like it. It’s only about 45 minutes, but it gives us a chance to get some fresh sea air and some food. We drive up to ferry, park on it, and then get to be out of the van for a little while. Martin, our tour manager told us that a couple of weeks ago there was a big story in the news about this ferry and that 30 people had died after getting serious food poisoning from the sausage served on board. So of course, the first thing he did when we got on the boat was to order the sausage. Not wanting to tempt my fate, I opted for a cup of coffee instead.

I don’t even remember what time we arrived at PhCafeen in Copenhagen..maybe 6 or 7pm. All I know is that was a long drive, not that we are strangers to long drives, but sitting down for that long can drive me little crazy. At least it gives me time to write my tour diary. I write most of it in the van while everyone else sleeps.
PhCafeen is an interesting rock venue. The front of the building is a very nice coffee and food cafe/restaurant/bar and through the back doors is another room where the stage is….and it’s a pretty damn cool stage. We played with our friends from Cinthia Doll and a couple other bands. The show was packed and it was so hot in the venue, I think we all thought we were going to pass out on stage at some time. Ok I’ll write more later. We just got to Sweden and I’m going to sleep.

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