Candice’s Europe Tour Diary 2014 – Part Deux

I actually slept really well on Wednesday night. I think I went to bed around 2 or 3 am since I wasn’t tired until then. I woke up around 11:30am. When I got up and went to the kitchen, our van driver was already there. He had arrived a little earlier. He is driving the van filled with the gear we are using on this tour. I’m very happy we got to rent a backline on this tour. It’s really nice to be playing on the same gear every gig and that we were able to pick gear that’s almost identical to what we use at home. The van is a Mercedes Sprinter and all the gear fits in the back, so no need for a trailer…..and having a driver for the entire tour also makes things a lot easier for us. So I am definitely very grateful for this aspect of the tour.

We hung out at the house most of the day until it was time for rehearsal. We got to the rehearsal spot at around 5pm. It’s actually a music concert hall, but the owners were nice enough to let us practice there. The people who live in Marne, Germany are some of the kindest and graceful hosts we have ever had. They treat us like family and they don’t expect anything in return.

We arrived at the music hall and their sound guy was there setting up the PA for us and mixing the sound. This was his day off. But he came in anyway because he wanted us to have a good rehearsal.

We ran twice through the set that we had planned on playing at Dithmarscher rock fest. We had a few welcome friends hang out and watch us practice.

After rehearsal, we all went to Bimmel. It’s a local bar in town that also serves food. We all had a few beers and food with our friend Arne and his family. They have been taking such good care of us. They even let us borrow one of their cars for a couple days so we could get around town.

After the pub, we went back to the house to get some sleep, but because of jetlag I don’t think I fell asleep til around 3am or so. I tried to sleep in a bit the next day since we were playing Dithmarscher festival in Marne, but I woke up at 8 am. Oh well.

By the time we all got out of the a house to go to the festival, it was around 1pm. Earlier that morning, Martin our tour manager, Jenny (his gf) and I went to the festival organizer’s house to pick up the shipment of merch that had previously arrived there. When we got to the festival grounds, we got our credentials and I loaded up on gummy candies. Every year they have Haribo gummy candy at the box office and I usually eat about 500 of them throughout the day. They think it’s the funniest thing, so now they get extra just for me.

We then met up with Sandra. She has sold our merch for us the last couple years at this festival. And she is a good German translator for us at the merch booth haha! After the merch was all set up, we went to the backstage tent. I have to say that one of my favorite things about this festival, other than playing the show of course, is the catering. So good!! Stew, potatoes and more potatoes, veggies, sausage, bread, pork and more pork and more pork, delicious stuff made with mushrooms, smoked salmon, soup, salads….so much good stuff!!!!! And of course Dithmarscher beer and all the liquor you could possibly handle.

We loaded up our gear to the main stage and did a soundcheck around 6pm and then took the stage at 7pm. It had need raining on and off all day and was a little chilly outisde, but that didn’t stop everyone from hanging out and watching the show. It still baffles me how we have only played here a couple times, but it seems like everyone is singing along to the words to every song. It’s such an amazing feeling. We tried out some new songs from our new album too and they seemed to go over quite well, especially “Ah-ha”. People were coming up to us all day after the set singing ah-ha, ah-ha with German accents. Pretty classic!

After our set, I immediately went over to the merch booth while the guys put my gear away on stage. They joined me a few minutes later, but I think that the merch booth is my second favorite thing about festivals. Playing a show is the highlight of course, but talking to everyone afterwards is so much fun. And I’m not going to lie, signing autographs does not suck! Most of the fans at these festivals are teenagers, so it’s just a lot of fun to be around them since they are just so excited about the music and about meeting us. I can’t stop smiling the whole time. It’s so flattering, and it reminds me of when I was a kid and I was so excited about meeting a band I was in to. Now I get to be on the other side if it, and it’s absolutely amazing.

We hung out and watched the rest of the bands playing the festival and drank way too much whiskey but it was definitely a lot of fun.
When the last band was done playing, we went back to the house. I was so tired that I almost immediately went to bed. That was a fun first show of the tour. I have more to write about this festival, but I think I’m done writing for now. Going go to eat some breakfast…after all it is 2pm…..

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