Leaving for EUROPE!!

Candice’s european tour diary entry #1:

Well, the day is FINALLY here! We are going on another European tour and leaving tomorrow morning early as all hell. Flight leaves at 8am and we have to be at airport at 5am, and getting picked up at 4am….so looks like I’m proabably not going to bed at all haha. Can’t wait to get out there! Keep packing and repacking my suitcase, thinking I may have left something behind. Hopefully I don’t. As long as I have my passport, I think I’m ok. Flying in to Helsinki, Finland first. Will be staying there with our friends from Baton Rogue Morgue who will also be playing some shows with us in US when we get back home. I should probably go and make sure I have everything for the trip….again…ha!
Finland, we will see you tomorrow!

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