Candice’s Tour Diary: Europe 2013 – Pt One “Gettin to Finland”

I wanted to start writing this A LOT earlier in the trip, but it’s only really until now that we have some real down time and that I am not too hungover to write something that would make any sense to anyone else reading it. I hope I remember most of the details, because my memory isn’t always so good…I guess I will start from when I left the house for the airport very early on August 6th…

Our flight out of LAX to Helsinki, Finland was leaving at 7:55AM, so we had to be at the airport around 5am. The shuttle picked me up at 3:30AM.(Btw, order your shuttle thorugh, it’s only 20 dollars – i can’t use the dollar sign i’m typing on a swedish keyboard). I probably should have stayed up all night instead of going to bed at 10pm to wake back up at 2.30am. I got to the airport and met up with the rest of the guys there, everyone half asleep, but still very excited to be leaving on our European tour. Stephanie, our photographer met us there as well. Our friends from LA band Vayden, who are on this tour with us, found us at the airport shortly after. Except that they were flying to Helsinki through NYC and we were flying through Chicago. We checked our bags in, except that in our case we had so much merch that our bags were VERY oversized (you should have seen the fiasco the day before trying to pack all that merch in to our bags). I think we ended up paying 150 dollars per oversized bags..yikes! I always hide my guitar from the person checking in the bags at the airline because I refuse to check it. I’ve seen how they throw things around at baggage, especially if it says FRAGILE on it. Then when I get to the plane and they say they can’t put it in the overhead bins, and you swear up and down that the person at the check in said you could TOTALLY bring it on the plane 😉 , they will put in it in a closet on the plane AND you save the oversized baggage fee on top of that…things you learn when trying to fly with a guitar. Anyhow, eventually we got on the plane, and then flew in to Chicago, and then flew from there to Helsinki.

When we arrived in Helsinki, a day later, our friends from the band Baton Rogue Morgue (who will be playing our Roxy show on Sept 20th with us) met us at the airport with 3 or 4 cars to be able to fit Warner Drive, Vayden, and all our gear to take us to Domino’s house where we would be staying. (Domino is one of the guitarists from Baton Rogue Morgue). We stayed with him last year as well, and him and his entire band have become really good friends of ours. Really awesome people…They all look like crazy rock n roll Vikings, but the nicest people you could ever meet. We eventually made it to Domino’s house in Porvoo, Finland, which is about 30 minutes from the airport. There were a lot of us (9 band members, our tour manager Martin, our photographer Stephanie plus Domino and his girlfriend) but yet the house never felt crowded and everyone had a comfortable place to sleep.

We were all so exhausted, since I think we hadn’t really slept much in the last 36 hours, but we made ourselves stay awake until night since we got there in the afternoon, and wanted to try to get over jetlag as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Domino made us some kind of green drink. I think it had vodka and this finnish stuff called Langora and then some kind of something that made it green. I called it antifreeze. A few antifreezes and hours later, I decided to go to bed. It was probably around 11:30PM but it was still bright outside. I think the sun doesn’t go down until around midnight during the summer and then gets back up around 4am. Kind of weird going to bed at midnight when it’s still sunny outside. I woke up the next morning or afternoon, I have no idea, and our tour bus had arrived at Domino’s to take us on our 3 day Finnish tour. We gathered up our stuff for the next 3 days, loaded up the bus with all our gear, and we were on our way to the first show in Turku, Finland.

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