Candice’s tour diary: April 2013 – Part trois

We got to our friends Frankie and Misty’s house in Denver around noon yesterday. We were all pretty exhausted since we had left Salt Lake right after our show the previous night and had to drive straight through to Denver. We all pretty much just crashed out for a couple of hours before getting ready to leave the house for a 5pm soundcheck at The Marquis. After load in/soundcheck was done, the marquis cooked up some of their amazing pizza and we hung out until the doors opened.

The show itself was pretty epic! We played to a packed room of Warner Drive fans, with everyone singing along to each song. We definitely love Denver! Lola Black, a really great Denver band played after us and they kicked ass as usual.

After getting off stage, Jonny law was talked in to doing a shot called The Stuntman. This is how it works
1. Snort a line of table salt
2. Take shot of tequila
3. Squirt a lime in to your eyeball
4. Jump around in pain while you ask yourself why you hate yourself so much.
I took a video of this if you’re interested copy this link and watch it:

After the Marquis closed, we went back to Frankie and Misty’s to get some rest before having to leave this morning for Albuquerque. We were trying to leave by 10am at the latest so we could make it to our favorite BBQ place before the show, but of course we always run late (and by “we” I don’t mean me) and didn’t leave until 11am.

We are still driving to Albuquerque as we speak so I thought I would take this time to write my tour blog. We stopped about 45 min ago to get some gas and food. I was hanging out at the van by myself pumping the gas(while all the guys went to get food….thanks guys) and this weird creepy dude in a green minivan pulls up next to me. It was one of those moments that I knew right away something wasn’t right and this guy was up to no good. It wasn’t the way he looked, since he looked like an average middle aged man, but my instincts told me to step as far away from him as I could. I was pumping gas so i couldn’t leave until i was done. Then he says: “I’m sorry to bother you but can I ask you a quick question?” But instead of asking me a question he went on this 5 minute rant about how he had his tire blow out on the fwy on the way to Denver and how stressful the whole thing was and asked me if I knew any tire shops around. I said no I’m not from here but I’m sure you could go in the gas station and ask them. And then he started to tell me that he just found out that someone had been using his credit card every hour for last couple days so they cut off his credit card and asked me again if I could tell him where a tire shop was and if I would buy him one basically. I told him look man, i know you are trying to get me in to your car, but this bullshit story isn’t gonna work. And then without saying anything else, he rolled up his window and took off. I wish i would have got his license plate because that guy was definitely up to no good.

Then i went inside Wendy’s and got a baked potato and chili.

We got back in the van and one of the guys…I’m not going to say who…but one of them let out the worst smelling fart any of us had ever smelt in our lives. I mean, it was the kind of fart that makes you angry and want to punch whoever did it. Horrible. I was so disgusted I started cussing in French and at then I said “oo la la” and the guys thought it was funny so now instead if saying “windows!” they now say “oo la la!”

And that pretty much brings it up to speed. I’m ready for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Candice’s tour diary: April 2013 – Part trois

  • Sorry that happened to you, more times than not your first instinct is right, When you come back to town I’ll give you a little something to take on the road with you, and teach you how to use it. No its not a tazer.

  • Hey, Candice! Glad to get sort of “caught up” about your comings and going. Miss you! Sounds like you’re doing great! I am thrilled! Sending love and always “break a leg”! Lois

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