Candice’s Tour Diary: April 2013 – Part Quatre

I’m finishing my tour diary from home. Got back home at 9am today after driving all night from Socttsdale, AZ where we played our final show of our tour. What a great way to end the tour…another packed house and awesome people! Although I have to admit that I pretty much slept the whole drive home, so when we got back I was actually feeling pretty good.

Spent the day today hanging out at the beach…not too shabby πŸ˜‰ I missed So Cal. Although I have to say that being back on the road was a lot of fun and I somehow ususally get comfortable with being uncomfortable while traveling if that makes any sense at all. But the best part of the road for me will always be the great people we meet along the way, who treat us like family whether we have known them for 3 minutes or 3 years…and for that we are always greatful. Ok enough of the mushy stuff, I have to finish my tour blog!

I think I last left off when we were on the way to Scottsdale, AZ. Great last show of the tour at Rock Bar Inc. (Next time we will be back in Tempe AZ at Club Red on June 8th. And finally another all ages show!) On the way to our show in Scottsdale, we passed through this town called Holbrook AZ(I think that’s how you spell it). We were all pretty hungry and knew that after this town, there wouldn’t be anything to eat for a long long time. We needed something fast since we were behind schedule. The only quick place was an A&W. Ok, first of all i HATE fast food. But secondly, I have managed to thus far never eat at an A&W, but against my better judgement and due to a lack of options, I got a hot dog and fries. On the building it says: “A&W All American Food”. I hope that nobody from a foreign country goes there ever. That would be a shitty way to experience “American Food”. Never eat at A&W. It’s not food.It looks like food, but it’s not food. I spent the rest of the van ride to Scottsdale in stomach pain, and felt nausesous until this morning. Elvis, Jonny U and Ryan were all not feeling so great either after the A&W. As we left Holbrook to make our way in to Tempe, we noticed a street with a very peculiar name: Bucket of Blood Street. Yes, this was a real street name. So I immediatly had to find out why it was called Bucket of Blood. Turns out, back in the wild west days, there was a saloon on that street corner called The Cottage. Some guys got in to a shooting match over a poker game gone bad. Two guys ended up shot to death on the saloon floor. When they got rid of the bodies, it was said that there was so much blood on the saloon floor that it looked like someone had dumped a bucket of blood on it. So they renamed the saloon Bucket of Blood, and then eventually the street as well. I guess it turned it to be a popular historical tourist deestination, where the blood stains could still be visible on the floor, even after all those years. The building is now boarded up. Anyway,there’s a little piece of useless american history for ya.

A couple of hours later, we were in Scottsdale, and other than the bad stomach, the show was really great. Our friend from the band Itis sang a couple songs with us too. even though this was a very short tour, it was defintely a very successful one for us. Our new t-shirt design that Ryan made (the one with the skull and the flag) completely sold out! But we are making another run of them since they were so popular,since I know a lot of you still want to get one πŸ™‚ After the show, we loaded up and headed back home to LA…and you know the rest!

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  • Fast food is good for tummy aches and nothing more! hahaha Now, I have to go to Bucket of Blood road to just say I was there hahaha! Love reading this! First time we saw you guys was at The Viper Room for Ritapalooza! You were freakin awesome!! Since that night we have seen all your you tube stuff and my hubby is addicted to you! Have a relaxing week guys you Rock!!

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