a HUGE!!!! thank you to all our fans….

Well, it’s official….Warner Drive has the most amazing fans/friends out there! Not that we didn’t know this before 😉 but we thought it was important that we let all of you know know how much we appreciate your support!!

When we announced that we were doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make our European tour possible, nay-sayers said it would never be accomplished.  But it happened!!! You helped us raise over $21,000 to make this tour possible and we couldn’t be more grateful!! Thank you does not even begin to express how much we appreciate what you have made possible…..for us to go overseas and take over Europe!

So thank you a million times over!!!

~Warner Drive

2 thoughts on “a HUGE!!!! thank you to all our fans….

  • you rock rochester , but weekend is when u need to be there! but was great, thanks for the deal on shirt and pantties candince(probley spelt wrong) o and speaking of a b c’s post a vid of bon jovi abc please please please

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