HELP Warner Drive get to Europe this summer!! We launched a Kickstarter campaign!


  • Hey everyone!

    We can’t even tell you how excited that we have been booked on our first ever European tour this August/September!!!!! We can’t wait to spread the word overseas!

    However, we will need YOU to make this a reality…We are hoping to get a little help from our fans and friends so we can make this happen! We are only coming to you because we know we have the most amazing and supportive fans out there…. As an unsigned D.I.Y. band, we have always been able to fund our own tours, but in order to launch us in to Europe, we are going to need YOUR help to make it possible 🙂 Please help us make this happen!

    Our goal is to raise $18,000.. it may seem like a lot but we will be needing to fund travel expenses, van rental for a full month while we’re there, accommodations, gear rental because Europe uses different circuitry that America, merchandise, marketing/promo, etc etc etc….

    We have launched a “Kickstarter” campaign at This is a website where you can get fans and friends to pledge certain amounts of money in return for things that you can’t get anywhere else such as….

    – Free lifetime access to Warner Drive shows!
    – A Date with the entire band or individual band members
    – Music lessons by band members
    -Autographed instruments in shadow box displays
    – Getting our song “The Shocker” re-recorded with your name and friends names in it
    -Custom made Warner Drive hoodies
    – Special edition items stickers, guitar pics and patches
    – Special edition autographed European tour posters
    – And MUCH MUCH more!!

    Pledges start at just $5 and every little bit helps!!!
    Go to

    If we are fortunate enough to raise more than $18,000 we will use the funds toward our next album’s release (recording, mixing, promotions, etc…) We will also be filming the trip, so there could also possibly be a documentary or live DVD in the works, and this would help fund it as well! Every dollar helps us continue to bring on more music, more live shows and making Warner Drive bigger and better!

    Please help us make this a reality and thank you in advance for your help!

    ~Warner Drive

    12 – LA to Copenhagen
    13 – Sweden
    14 – Copenhagen / Sweden
    15 – Dithmarscher Rockfest – Germ
    16 – Dithmarscher Rockfest – Germ
    17 – Dithmarscher Rockfest – Germ
    18 – Dithmarscher Rockfest – Germ
    19 – Berlin, Germany
    20 – Norenburg or Hamburg, Germ
    21 – Munich Germ or Copenhagen
    22 – Frankfurt, Germ or Malmo,SW
    23 – Hamburg, Germ or Malmo,SW
    24 – Helgafestuvalen, Sweden
    25 – Swedish Fest Show
    26 – Off
    27 – Stockholm, SW
    28 – Travel to Finland
    29 – Porvoo, Finland
    30- Off
    31 – Kouvola, Finland

    1 – Helsinki, Finland
    2 – Travel back to Sweden
    3 – Lund, Sweden
    4 – Copenhagen to LA

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