Candice’s tour diary is back!!!!!!

Dear diary, I woke up from a horrible nightmare this afternoon…..I dreamt that I was kidnapped by a bunch of guys and they put me in this van and forced me to play guitar in various rock venues around the country. The incessant snoring and butt odors keep me awake at night…..they make me fix stuff for them and they take longer showers than I do…oh wait I forgot, that’s real life…ok maybe it’s not that bad haha…..

Well I guess you know what this means….we are back out on the road on a U.S. tour. Everything is good so far. I just woke up from a long nap at our friend Levi’s house in Boise ID. We drove all night to get here from Seattle where we played last night. I’m not complaingin about the long drive though this time because I took some tylenol PM and passed out for hours. We got to Levi’s house here in Boise and the effects of the Tylenol PM were still lingering, so I went immediatly to bed and slept a few more hours. I was awoken by the sound of a lawn mower. I got up to see what was going on, and to my surprise, Elvis was mowing Levi’s lawn…in fact he had mowed 4 other of the neighbors yards as well, whether they had asked for it or not haha!! Some people like to hang out by a pool with a cold beer in their hand to relax, but Elvis apparently likes to mow lawns….he even made a few bucks as the neighbors paid him for his work! I think he said he wanted to raise some money for our Kickstarter campain to help get us to Europe this summer, which by the way is up to around $8,000 out of the $18,000 goal we have set. If we don’t get at least the full $18,000 we don’t get anything at all, so I’m hoping that in the next 19 days that we have to raise the money that it actually happens! We are very appreciative and thankful for everything our fans and friends have already pledged. Thank you so much to all of you who have done so!!

I am writing this is the one room in the house where the cats don’t go. Ugh cats! My arch nemesis…..they plague with incessant sneezing, coughing and asthma attacks…they are poison and I hate them. Thankfully Levi knows my hate hate relationship with them and has designated a room where they are not allowed. This is where I am confined to when I’m in the house. I’m trying to recount what has happened in the short few days that we have been on tour so far….

We left L.A. on Thursday to play in Atascadero, CA. There is a rubber chicken hanging from the ceiling above the stage. Jonny U took full advantage as you can see from the photo below..

In the meantime, Elvis got crazy with the new Warner Drive pink panties and a couple of pool balls….

The next day we drove to Sacramento….that seemed like a loooooong drive even though it’s only about 5-6 hours away. After the show we stayed at our friend’s house. We only got about 3 hours of sleep since we had to leave early the next morning to get to Portland. We found something entertaining in the shower though…who needs shaving cream when you have Coochy cream!

The next night after a 12 hour drive, we finally made it to Portland to play the Tiger Bar. It was cinco de mayo and do you know how much tequila I had? NonE! I don’t like tequila. The show was great! Tiger bar shows are alsways a lot of fun. We got a hotel that night and headed out the next morning for a short 3 hour drive to Seattle. By the way, this was right outside the hotel…

Out of the many times I have been to Seattle, this may have been the only clear and sunny day I have ever experienced there. I really love Seattle and the minute we got there we were on a mission for some crab legs! But sadly, the one place we always go to at Pikes Market Place was already closed for the day..damn it! So we went on a wild goose chase for crab, but all the restaurants there were super expensive so we finally settled on going to some place on the water front. We didn’t get crab legs but we still got to eat some pretty good stuff and enjoy being in Seattle when it’s actually sunny. But I can’t figure out why they had these weird dogs inside the coffee shop downtown….

We played at the Central in Pioneer Square in Seattle and then headed out to Boise. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty excited to be playing in Boise tonight. I really feel like this city is home away from home while we are on the road. I think we all feel that way, so much so that Elvis feels comfortable enough to mow and weed whack all the neighborhood yards hahah. Well, time for me to eat some food and get ready to play Liquid in Boise tonight…can’t wait!!!

And don’t forget to please help us with Kickstarter if you can…thanks everyone!!!


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  • Man it’s nice to see The Bass-Monster with a weedeater back in his hands.
    That guy can weedeat with the best of em.

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