Candice’s tour diary entry #1

I woke up this morning to a room of half naked men…I mean, I went downstairs and all the ACIDIC guys had taken over Ryan’s living room in Columbiana, OH sometime over night. That’s when it dawned on me that this had been the first where I had a little time off, and I haven’t written a tour blog yet… we have been in the van non-stop since we left for tour on Nov 1st and now I finally have a little time with some here it goes!

We left for tour Tue Nov 1st. Our first show was in Portland on Wedenesday, so we had to drive about 900 miles to our first show date which was at the Tiger Bar. We drove all night Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Not an easy way to start the tour considering that it’s really hard for me to sleep in the van. Every bump on the road wakes me up, so by the time we got to Portland I was already pretty exhausted…well we are were…and we hadn’t even played our first show yet. I know when Im on tour when I start eating things out of a can…first meal….chicken sandwich from canned chicken..ewwww

The Tiger Bar show turned out to be really great. As usual, Lexie the owner hooked us up with a kick ass dinner from the kitchen πŸ™‚ And, the place was really packed, especially for a Wednesday night. Here’s some photos from the show:
Acidic went on first and then us. (Acidic is on tour with us again this month). After the show we went to a hotel room to get some much needed sleep and stayed at a motel 6. We said we only had 2 people so we had to play the “sneak the rest of the band in game”. But we eventually got everyone in. Jonny Law distracted the hotel lobby clerk and we snuck everyone in πŸ™‚

The next day we headed to Fife, WA (near Seattle) to play Louie G’s. THe place had an awesome stage and they made us pizza. We played with Acidic and another band called Radamus. While they were on stage, I was at our merch booth, just minding my own business, selling someone one of our new zip-up hoodies, and the singer comes up to me right in the middle of one of their songs and drags me on stage. Once i get on stage he asks me to hold the mic, comes back with a rose, hands me the rose, gets down on one knee and sings the rest of the song to me. Needless to say, this was THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENT OF MY LIFE! And to make it worse, pictures were taken, such as this one….
TO make things worse, Elvis posted a photo on Facebook with the caption “Candice is getting married”…do you know how many people have been texting my phone and writing me on facebook to ask me if I’m engaged?? So, no I AM NOT ENGAGED!!! hahahah.

After we were all packed up from the show, we did another overnight drive, this time to Boise, ID to play The Knitting Factory. As always the Boise is one of our favorite places to play and Ryan the general manager always treats us so well. Here’s Ryan. He was already wearing a Warner Drive shirt when we got there :)…
He hooked us up back stage with some great food, some bottles of Kettle One, and the guys from acidic also got potato bacon pizza, a Boise specialty from the Pie HOle..YUM!!!!!!!!!! The show was amazing! We had about 500 people there…I love Boise peeps! As soon as I have Boise show pics, I’ll post them! After the show we went to an afterparty across the street at Liquid, where we proceeded to get a little hammered. We even got up on stage and played a few cover songs…I’m sure they did not sound too great…we had a few drinks by then hahahah. Eventually, we went back to our friend Levi’s house where we were staying to pass out.

In the morning, we had to head out to SPanish Fork, UT (near Salt Lake City) to play The Booth Brother’s Theatre. We were warned that is super Mormon country and we had to be very PG-13, so this is not easy for us ha! The show was a lot of fun and we made a lot of new fans, but I don’t think we will ever be invited back since Jonny Law said “slut” on stage…they didn’t like that so much hahahah. Oh well. By the end of the night, I had started getting a cold and it came in full force. Shitty!! ANd we had to do yet ANOTHER overnight drive to Denver, CO!!! The drive to Denver is always very scary, especially in the winter and especially at night. All the roads had turned to complete ice, you couldn’t even see the asphault. The trailer was sliding all over the place and the windshield washer fluid lines froze even with the de-icer. We had to stop every few hundred feet to wash the windshield by had so we could see where we were going..not fun! We drove right by Vail…do you know how much torture that is for someone like me who is OBESSESSED with snowboarding and not be able to just get out and grab my board ahhhhhh!!
But this photo also shows how frozen the road was.

Ok, I have to stop here for now since we are about to leave to play our show in Pittsburgh tonight…but I have LOTS LOTS more to tell you about and LOTS of pics πŸ™‚
Another blog in a couple days…

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