Candice’s Tour Diary #2: The Cup ‘O Noodles tour

It’s 9:30am. I just got out of bed. One of the guys is listening to R.Kelly’s Trappd in a Closet on youtube. Jonny U has lost his keys. The Two dogs in the house are barking. Everyone else is hungover. Ok, I got a find a different room to hang out in. Don’t get me wrong , I truly love the guys in my band and in Acidic like family, but sometimes traveling with 10 guys on the road can a get a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we are staying with our friend Rachel in Indiana and the Acidic guys are going to Nashville today to pick up their bass player from the airport. So I’m looking forward to locking myself in a room and not coming back out until tomorrow. We had yesterday and today off here in Indiana. We haven’t had any time off since beginning of tour 2 weeks ago, so I’m pretty excited about doing pretty much nothing. Tomorrow we will be playing in Nashville, which I’m pretty stoked about since we have never played there.

So the reason why I am renaming this the Cup of Noodles tour by the way is because I don’t know what happened, but on this tour, everyone is pretty much just eating cup of noodles for every meal haha

I don’t even like that stuff, but I think I may have now tried every flavor there is.

Moving on, last time I wrote a tour diary, which was last week I left off when we were on our way to Denver. After a grueling drive through ice and snow, we finally made it to our friends Frankie and Misty’s house in the morning. We pretty much just got there, ate and passed out since we drove all night. We all woke up a couple hours later to get ready to go to the show. After I got ready, I was just hanging out and Frankie was showing me some of his riffle and hand gun collection (he’s in the military so he has all kinds). If you know me, you know I HATE cats. I don’t care what anyone says, or how much they dislike my disdain for that species of animal..I still don’t feel bad. And if you think I’m a bad person for hating cats, I also don’t care. They make my life miserable. I probably wouldn’t hate them so much if I wasn’t so deathly allergic to them, to the extent that I can’t tell you how many times I have had asthma attacks from them to the point of almost passing out and having to sleep in the van outside depsite freezing temperatures just so that I don’t die. So, this was kind of therapeutic for me….

Relax…I obviously would never harm any animals, but like I said, it was kind of therapeutic hahah…even Frankie and Misty thought it was funny, so Frankie took the picture. By the way, thank you to Frankie and Misty for always taking such good care of us when we come through Denver. We love you guys!

That night we played at The Marquis Theatre in Denver. That was our second time at that venue and it was completely packed, especially for a Sunday night! Here’s a photo from the show:

…and after the show hahah

And this is Manda, our National Street Team Manager…she’s aweomse 🙂

By the end of the night, my cold was is full force and I felt like crap. If we had had more time to rest or even get sleep I could have got over it quicker, but we had to do yet another overnight drive, this time to Joplin, MO. After we got the trailer all packed up and ready to go and we were hanging outside the venue parking lot and they had closed the doors, Elvis said he had to poo. So Jonny Law says: “Elvis, I will give you $100 if you can poop on this tree right now and let us film it.” So of course, everyone got out the video cameras (we will be posting a video of this on youtube very soon), and Elvis, took his pants down and proceeded to try to shit on a tree. I’m not telling you whether it happened or not, you will just have to wait for the video…either way, it was pretty damn funny.

We drove all night and all the next day and finally got to Joplin, MO. It seems like the city is finally starting to recover a little bit from the tornado. Last time we were there in July and it just seemed like such a desolate place. But this time some of the buildings had been rebuilt and there were people actually walking around in the street, out and about. We played that night at The Kitchen Pass. We thought it had got destroyed from the tornado, but it turns out it was still there. The show was a lot of fun, and I actually got to sleep in a bed that night. Pretty awesome.

The next show we did was in Pittsburgh. Iowa City got cancelled because we got caught up in some really bad weather and made it there pretty late. Plus the weather was pretty bad in Iowa City too and so people were hesitant to come out. It was first snow there that night. That’s the risk you take when you tour in winter. So we ended up hanging out some of our fans and going to dinner with them instead. Like I said, our next show ended up being in Pittsburgh. It was cool because Ryan is from that area, so a lot of his friends came out to that one. The only thing I don’t like, and it was the same in Boise, Joplin, and then later on in New Hope, PA, is that you can smoke inside. It’s absolutely disgusting, especially when you have asthma and you have to sing. The entire place gets so hotboxed, since no one opens the doors because it’s winter and cold outside. And then your clothes and hair reek of cigarettes for days, even after you wash them. I really wish there was no smoking in any venue…it sucks!

We drove back to Ryans that night, but only had time for about 3 hours of sleep. We had to get up early to play New York City that night. And this is where I start get really excited about food. The food on the East Coast is sooooo much better than the west coast, with the exception of Mexican food. Some guy in Philly told me: “man I went to the best Mexican restaurant! It was called Del Taco!” Bahahahahahaahahahhah! I just about fell over! Anyway, getting back to New York… we played at Kenny’s Catstaways in THe Village. There were lots of people a lot of them from Ireland for some reason. But overall a very good show. Aferwards, we headed out to Jersey because that’s where we were staying for the night. We finally got a real night’s sleep.

I’m going to stop here. I need a nap. I have lots lots more to write though. Good night.

5 thoughts on “Candice’s Tour Diary #2: The Cup ‘O Noodles tour

  • I really like reading Your stories. I don’t need to see Elvis taking a Poo in a tree , on a tree or anywhere else, but thanks for sharing.

  • The night you guys were going to play in Iowa City was the night we where moving to Iowa, we got caught up in the same bad weather you guys did it sucked but we made it there safe. Cannot wait to see you guys play in Des Moines, Iowa sometime 🙂

  • Hey, throw in some smashed up cheese & jalepeno crackers and some sour cream put it on a tortilla and those cup of noodles aren’t half bad lol

  • Good afternoon,

    I was just reading your tour blogs, I love hearing about what you guys are up to all over the country. What I can’t wait for is next Tuesday 11/22/11 when you come to NM. I wanted to ask where you guys were staying when in Albuquerque? The venue you are playing at isn’t a bar so my friends and I were hoping to get to party with you after the show.


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