Candice’s tour diary – final week of July 2011 tour

Well, we have been home for a few days now, but I wanted to make sure I still wrote about our last week of tour before I forgot to do so. My last entry left off with us in Evansville IN. We left the next day (Wed) to play Fubar in St. Louis. As many of you know, that is Elvis’s hometown (our ELvis, not Elvis Elvis haha)…so it’s always fun to play there. It was still hot and humid in Saint Louis. At some point while were on stage I think I passed out for a couple seconds because I remember losing my vision, getting dizzy and falling to the floor, but I still didn’t stop playing ha! We stayed with Elvis’s family that night and got to raid their fridge ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day we left for Joplin, MO. This is the first time we had been back since the tornado. We somewhat knew what to expect from seeing news footage and photos from our friends in Joplin, but nothing can really prepare you for seeing the destruction in person. To say that the path the tornado left looked like a war zone is an understatement. We were told that the area the tornado took out was 1 mile wide by 12 miles long! Whole neighborhoods were completely gone as if nothing had ever been there…just a few standing ruins and skeletons of what used to be trees. Even the pictures I took don’t do it justice….

The crazy thing is that you would drive a few blocks down the main street through the ruins, and then the destruction would suddenly end. One block was devastated and the next was perfectly intact, as if nothing had even happened…definitely very eerie. We got to Alley Cats, which is where we played that night. I swear the rock gods were against both us and Acidic that night! First, both Thompson and Gossard broke guitar strings, then Ted’s bass went out, then the PA started to falter. After they got done with their set, we went on, and within 2 songs the P.A. just completely went out. We were able to kind of get to work, but it wasn’t loud enough so we finished a set half volume. Oh well haha! We stayed in Joplin that night and left for Kansas City the next morning.

Kansas City! We had been so excited to play this show…it was at The Power and Lights Disctrict, a huge outside quad area that holds a few thousand people and lined with bars and clubs…in other words, there was way too much fun to be had here! At the end of the quad area is a huge outdoor stage, which is where we played…Saving Abel headlined, and other bands Candlelight Red and Eve to Adam played as well. What a great show!! It was pretty interesting to soundcheck in front of so many people hahah…this is what it looked like during the day…

and this is what it looked like a little later!

As soon as Jonny announced during our set that we were giving out sample cds, a line about a block long instantly formed at the merch booth even while we were still playing!! When we got off stage we spent the next few hours at the merch booth just talking to new WD fans…it was awesome! Later that night, when we were done at the merch booth, our friend Mike D, the event organizer/manager got us a VIP lounge at one of the clubs upstairs with full bottle service..ya that definitely did not suck!

We hung out there a while, but then it was time to say our good-byes and leave because we had to drive through the night to get to our show in Denver the next day! As a side note, it was still really really hot and humid in Kansas City, so while we were loading up, Gossard from Acidic took his pants off hahaha

Anyhow, the overnight drives are the toughest because you don’t sleep well, whoever drives just gets all cracked out on coffee, and then you feel jetlagged the next day. We got to our friends Frankie and Misty’s house in Denver around 9am the next day, completely out of it and confused. I got to take a short nap before we headed off the local Denver radio station, where we got to a radio interview/call in show live with Lola Black, the band we played with that night at The Marquis Theatre. We then headed off to sound check at the venue and played the show. The crowd and The Marquis Theatre were really great and we had an awesome time playing with Lola Black! After the show we got to sign some autographs at our merch booth, but sometimes I try to get a little creative with it lol….

After we were ready to leave, here came the not so fun part…..another overnight drive! We had to be Vegas the next day at The Cheyenne Saloon and this was a looooooong drive…maybe 15 hours or so. So we got back in the van that night and drove to Vegas.

We arrived in Vegas the following afternoon, even more jet-lagged then ever. I really had not felt too tired the entire tour, but it finally hit me when we arrived in Vegas. We waited a little while for the sound guy to get there so we could have sound check. We played frisby in the parking lot with the Acidic guys while we waited. It turns out, I totally suck at Frisby hahah…oh well. That night we played with Lost in Atlantis who we had played with in Phonenix before, and of course Acidic. Here was the best part though….a huge group of our friends decided to surprise us and show up at our Vegas show! We were so stoked!!Jackie JOyride and his dad, Sarah OH, Aylin,Jade just to name a few of our L.A. friends PLUS Jeni Blue and Becky from Atascadero CA. There must have been 20 of our So cal friends there…again it was such a great surprise and made us so happy!
After the show Jonny Law and Elvis wanted to stay behind and hang out in Vegas a little longer with our friends. Jonny U, Ryan and I were so exhausted and just wanted to get home, so the three of us did another overnight drive back home. Three nights in a row! At least this one was only about 5 hours or so. We finally got home to L.A. and got to sleep in our own beds!!!!

This was definitely the best tour yet….still glad to be home though. Really looking forward to our next tour in November ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meantime, we are gearing up for a show on this Sat 8/13 at THe Marquee Theater in Phoenix with Vayden and Idle REd, and of course The SUNSET Music FESTIVAL!! (SSMF) on Sat 8/20 at The Roxy Theatre (featuring Motley Crue, Bush, PUblic Enemy and Dirty Heads)

Ok, I guess that’s it for now… time for a cocktail!

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