Candice’s SSMF Week Recap

First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support us at SSMF this year…and thank you to the Roxy for having us as well! This whole week has been full of amazing experiences for me and Warner Drive, so I just have to share it all…

The week before SSMF, we did a class photo shoot with a bunch of the L.A. bands involved in SSMF this year. We did it at the restaurant Duke’s on the Sunset for the online magazine Here are few photos from that..You can see more on the website…

Here’s Ryan, Jonny Law and I, Joseph from Lady Sinatra and Dayle Gloria.

Joseph has a very very thick beard. I was trying to see how many random objects I could get to stay in his beard. Turns out, a guitar pick works pretty well…coins however, not so much.

Me, assaulting Jackie Joyride with his own tie…

On Monday, I went to the Viper Room to hang out and see Elvis DJ. A big group of our friends were there, so it was a lot of fun. I only stayed a couple hours because I knew were going to have a long week ahead with SSMF. I was actually responsible for once!!!Haha! Oh, and here is a dumb pic of Sonny (Super Black Market) and I on the Sunset strip that night, amazed at seeing that pay phones still exist in L.A.

On Tuesday night we had rehearsal since we were getting ready to play a brand new song at SSMF. After rehearsal we went to the Key CLub to see our friends Run Devil Run play their SSMF show. We also had rehearsal Wednesday night. And on Thursday we got to do the red carpet at the House of Blues for the official kick off of SSMF! There were so many photographers and media there, it was chaos! Even the big news stations were there, and I even recognized some of the reporters from watching the news haha… While we were doing an interview on the red carpet, I realized that Buckcherry was doing an interview as well right next to us ๐Ÿ™‚

After we were done at the red carpet, we went inside the House of BLues where they had an open bar!!!! They also had tons of awesome food and a show honoring Motley Crue. Even Ray Manzarek from The Doors performed “Come on Baby Light my Fire” and “Riders on the Storm” on piano…I almost cried during his performance hahaha…it was THAT good! And after the show, we went upstairs to the Foundation Room bar. Jackie Joyride had bought the $100 special edition Motley Crue Jack Daniels bottle…so we helped him drink it.

Ok…you get the point…when we were done there, we walked back to the car. But what night in Hollywood would be complete without a picture with Jesus?

On Friday, we went to artist Stacey Wells’ exhibit because she painted a bunch of bands from L.A. She is so talented. If you ever get a chance, go to the David Lawrence Gallery on Sunset by the Whiskey to see her work. ANd then right up the block from that was a photo gallery of live band shots on the strip…and Dori SOrvino Lawrence included a picture of me from last year at SSMF!

We also did an interview at the gallery with Nicole from Sugar Buzz Magazine. Elvis did his usual let’s turn the interview around on the person interviewing us hahah. Here’s a pic from the interview

After the gallery, the Roxy got us in so we could see Buckcherry! It was so hot and so packed with people in there you couldn’t barely move, but we got to watch the show from upstairs at the DJ booth ๐Ÿ™‚ And after the show ended we handed out hundreds of CDs to people at the Roxy to promote our SSMF Roxy show the next day.

The next day was our show at the Roxy for SSMF!! We had to get to the Sunset Strip by 11am to check in and get a parking spot for the van. The gates didn’t open until 1PM, so we put Warner Drive posters for our show all over the Sunset Strip and I literally littered the streets with fliers haha. I got followed around by a couple security guards for dropping fliers everywhere but oh well. Then we had lunch over at Duke’s and went to see some of our friends bands play. But there was a lot of waiting around. I was getting really antsy…I couldn’t wait to play! And finally we got on stage at around 5:45PM. Things were running a little late, and I was worried that people would leave the Roxy at 6PM since Bush was playing the outside stage at 6. But I have to say that our fans are awesome because the ROxy was packed from wall to wall from the beginning to the end of our set! IN fact, we were told that it was “Buckcherry full” haha. I will put all the photos up in the next blog because there are too many to post right here. During the show, Jonny Law ripped my shirt off in the middle of playing Scarecrow…why? I don’t know I guess he thought it would be funny. But I wasn’t mad since it was a thousand degrees on stage anyway haha.
What a great show!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support!
After the show, we went outside to cool off. And if front of the Roxy was a photo booth. Our Jagermeister rep Steve was there, so we took some photos with him haha

After that we went back inside for an interview….Then we went back to the bar, had a few drinks, watched Motley Crue on the outside stage and went home. What an awesome day! Again thank you to everyone who came out to see us, especially those who travelled from really far away to see us play at SSMF this year. And thank you to the Roxy for having us! Can’t wait until next year!!!

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