Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #61729

I haven’t done a blog in about a week, but it’s been a busy week and I got lots and lots to talk about so here we go!

We started out the week (monday) with a couple days off..after we played in Youngstown, we headed out to New Jersey to stay with our manager Erik since all of our shows this last week were all in the Northeast. We had a couple nights off of playing shows so we decided to go out in Brooklyn NY at the Knitting Factory where we were going to have our show later that week on Thursday. The manager there told us to come down and hang out on our night off and check out the venue and the first round of drinks would be on him. Well we got to the bar at the Knitting Factory and he had left us a bottle of Jameson with our name on it….literally!
So, we proceeded to have a couple drinks…here’s the first one…

and shot #2…

and shot #17…

and…well this one needs no explanation….

…after we thoroughly killed the bottle of Jameson we decided to explore our surroundings in Brooklyn for a little while….apparently I became fascinated with this payphone, being that I have not seen one in about 87 years…3 questions came to mind: who uses a payphone? how do you even use a payphone? and who knew they even still existed?

We then headed to another bar in Brooklyn..there sure are a lot of hipsters there…and ended up making some new friends who somehow ended up in our van and one of them left their phone in there (we still have it, so if you read this and you lost a phone contact us hahah)
We ended up getting back to Erik’s house around 3 am…by the way I would like to point out that is probably the earliest we went to bed all week. I think we averaged going to bed around 4:30-5am every day and waking up around 2pm.

The next day, Wednesday, we played in Worcester, MA at The Lucky Dog Music Hall. It was a pretty mellow show…but our friend Mike from Acidic filled in on bass for us for that show and the following 2 as well because Elvis had to fly back to San Diego for a couple days for ComiCon for the premier of his animated show. Mike did an awesome job by the way, especially since he had to learn the songs in just a couple days! As a side note, while I was in the bathroom at the venue, I saw this ad…
I’ll let you draw your own conclusion haha

The next day we played at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn…ok I have to add that this was THE HOTTEST WEEK on record for the northeast…with the extreme heat and humidity, the index was at 120 degrees!!!! Being from CA, I am definitely not used to the humidity, but it was beyond that. I can’t even describe how disgusting the weather was. I felt like I was constantly walking through hot soup…ewwww! I have never hated wearing pants so much in my life!!! Pants were a baaaaaad choice! Even at 2am it was still sweltering.
The people at the Knitting Factory took really great care of us…they even got us some amazing NY pizza…I think I ate more pizza last week then I have in the last 3 years, but it’s only because it’s so delicious on the east coast! And I had a first at that show…someone asked me to autograph my empty bottle of tums for him, so I did….

The next day (Friday) we picked up a last minute show at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA. It’s a small but very well known rock/punk venue in New Hope. This was Mike’s last show filling in for Elvis. We had an awesome time at this show and all the bands we played with were just really awesome people. Jonny U’s friend Chad from CKY even did the sound for us that night. We stayed at Chad’s house that night and BBQ’d. In the morning, his cat had left him a present on the deck….

Anyway, we headed back to New Jersey since we would be playing in Seacaucus NJ that night at the Blue Room with Acidic. Thank you to our friend Tara K for bringing out all them NJ peeps…after the show she also invited us back to her bar Charlie’s Corner where things got a little crazy but in a good way hahah. I think I saw the sun come up for the fourth day in a row! We finally went to bed and woke up the next day around 1pm. We headed out to Philly for our show at Dave and Buster’s Dockside bar. The place was so was on the Delaware river and the stage was outside…here’s some pics from right before we did soundcheck and when we played that night. The bar is right under the Ben Franklin bridge!

All the bands we played with that night were so good: Acidic, Sunset Riot, LLuther…and after the show we all went and hung out at Dobbs, a famous venue in Philly that we will be playing at in November. Sunset Riot was on tour from Australia and Lluther is from Ireland, but both bands had heard of Warner Drive! All 3 bands and us got invited to hang out at Dobbs after hours by the manager. They got us a all a round and THE MOST AMAZING PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE from across the street at Lorenzo’s!!! I can’t even describe how amazing it was! At the end of the night we all took a picture (which they say will be going on the wall at Dobbs)…and instead of saying cheese or the usual stupid stuff you say when you take a picture, Jonny law said “everyone, say Candice’s vagina!!!!” *sigh*, so I was the only girl in a pic with about 20 guys all saying Candice’s vagina about 5 times in a row at the top of their lungs…it was interesting to say the least hahah

After all that since we were in Philly, we headed back to Pat’s Steaks for round #2 this week of Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches hahaha….

By the way, I have to add, that if you know Elvis, he claims to be a vegetarian…..except that he is the WORST vegetarian I have ever met in my life because any time he comes accross a philly steak sandwich or BBQ or any other meat, he suddenly starts eating it….just an observation hahaha

After that, we went to Zane’s sister’s house in Philly (Zane is on Acidic’s crew and also helps us out as well). After a few rounds of beer pong we all went to bed around 6:30am and woke up at around 10am to head out to Saint Louis. In the morning, Zane’s sister Carly had left us a little note hahah

We got on the road and headed back to Ryan’s house in Ohio since it was on the way to Saint Louis. We got there just in time for dinner and got to do some laundry and get some rest. This morning we left again and are now in Evansville IN with our friend Rachel. She and her family have the most amazing house I ever seen out in the country side….and they just made us the best dinner and BBQ we have had on tour so far. Anyhow, that’s about it for now….I gotta go to bed since we are leaving tomorrow for our St Louis show at Fubar tomorrow night! See ya tomorrow in Saint Louis!!!

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