Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #5

My last tour diary had to be short because I had very little time at a computer, but this one is going to be a long one, so get comfortable haha..

So I left off in Rochester… we headed to the hotel to get some sleep after we got done packing up all the gear in the trailer. The next day (Thursday) we headed off to Chicago to play @ The Elbo Room. What I get most excited about as we head off to the East is the food! First thing we did was to have italian beef sandwiches and deep dish pizza!
After we stuffed ourselves with waaaaaaaay too much food, we played our show at the Elbo Room and later on stayed at our friend Misty’s house (thank you MIsty! :]) The Elbo Room is this really cool venue in Chicago and the stage and venue is literally underground. We woke up the next morning at Misty’s and actually got to sleep in for a change, which was awesome!!

Next we had to head out to Detroit…but first I HAD to get Dunkin Donuts coffee….we just don’t have many of those of the West Coast but they have one at every corner in the midwest and east coast…and the best coffee EVER…so with Dunkin DOnuts coffee in hand we headed out to Detroit. On the way we stopped at a gas station, and I often find the most random things…this time I found 3 ft gummy snakes lol! What the hell do you do with a 3 ft. gummy snake? I’ll show you…

But anyway, back to Detroit….None of us had ever really been to Detroit except for Ryan. I kind of knew what to expect from seeing pictures of the abandoned parts of the city since the auto industry took a dump, but wow…it’s such a strange place to me because you will see abandoned buildings right in the middle of a neighborhood, and then whole neighborhoods that have been left behind. We also heard a lot of horror stories from bands that their gear got stolen or burned down in Detroit, so it was definitely a little sketchy. We got to the venue The Old Miami, and from the outside we thought what the hell is this place…there’s even a guitar/riffle sculpture on the outside..what are we in for?

Plus there were definitely some shady characters walking around scoping out our trailer…But then once we went in, we realized the venue was actually pretty bad ass! From the outside you would never know…they even had this huge backyard area with a bonfire pit and lounge chairs. The show ended up being surprisingly really great and we made a ton of new fans. It just does to show that you never know how a show is going to turn out, and sometimes you get very surprised.

After the show, we just drove through to Columbiana, OH since we were going to play in Youngstown the next night, which is only a few minutes from Columbiana. Ryan (our new guitar player) is from there, and has a house in Columbiana. We got to his house around 8am and all immediately passed out since we hadn’t got any sleep yet. I woke up some time in the afternoon and went downstairs. Some of the guys from Acidic were passed out on the living room floor….aww how cute! hahaha
The rest of their band was sleeping out front in their van, and one of the neighbors thought they were trespassing or something like that and tried to call the cops on them lol!. We BBQ’d later that day with Ryan’s family and then headed off to Cedar’s Lounge in Youngstown to play the show, which was also really great. A lot of Ryan’s friends were there, and we definitely made fans out of them! We headed back to Ryan’s after the show, got some sleep and left for Newark, DE. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it, but we drove through 5 states yesterday haha. We got to the venue Mojo Main in Newark and played the show…but we couldn’t wait til after the show because we had been planning for days to head out to Pat’s Steaks in Philly on our way to Jersey after the show! If you have never heard of Pat’s Steak’s they are probably the most famous Philly Cheese steak sandwich place in the country. They are accross the street from another famous Philly cheese steak place called Geno’s. Pat’s and Geno’s have have had a long time rivalry as to who makes the best Philly cheese steak sammy..there was even a whole show about it on the Food Network. Some swear by Pat’s and others by Geno’s. Personally, I think Geno’s is gross! Their meat and bread is terrible and tastes like dog food to me, but Pat’s is amazing!!!!! Check out the photos…

If you don’t place your order quickly in line and correctly, they get mad at you and send you to the back of the line hahah no soup for you!! ;P So you better know what you want! And believe me you don’t want to go to the back of that line because it is always long! Looking at the photo of that sandwich is making me really really hungry!!!!!

After Pat’s, we drove to Northern Jersey where we are staying now. We have the next couple days off before playing the next few shows out here:
-Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA 7/20
-The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NY 7/21
-The Blue Room in Seacaucus NJ 7/23
-Dave and Busters in Philadelphia 7/24

Well that’s about it for now,…going to eat some BBQ now!!

2 thoughts on “Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #5

  • Candice!! Billy in Detroit…hope y’all are kickin’ more ass out there…We had a blast last Friday…U guys ROCKED! come back to The “D” please….Tell the guys I said “whats up!?”

    Take Care
    Billy 🙂

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