Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #4

We got to Rochester, MN to play the Northstar Bar on Wednesday…and at least it was a short drive…only 200 miles, nice and easy…well for us at least…the guys from the band Acidic who we have been touring and caravanning with apparently got pulled over on the drive over. On top of that Ryan our other guitar player was in the van with them. They got pulled over for speeding and the because the cops found out they were a band, they called the special K-9 unit dogs to sniff the entire outside of the van. When the dog got the cargo area it started scratching at the door, so the cops asked them to open it…but all they found was beef jerky lol! The cops sent them on their way with a $208 speeding ticket..oh well guess it could have been worse.

We played the show in Rochester, which was a great turn out, especially for a Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. After the show, the guys from Acidic were helping us load our trailer and we started having a conversation to pass the time about what our porn names would be by taking your first pet’s name and adding it to the street you grew up on…some of the names we ended up with were: Blits 85th street, Rocky Carmelina, Zack Warner, and mine was Puff Chemin de la Combe..I grew up in France, so yes I have a weird street name, but Matt from Acidic said it sounded like Puff “Shag a Racoon” hahah…so we used the street name I live on now and it ended up being Puff Chestnut…so my new porn name is now Puff Chestnut…just so everyone knows.

…way more to come in the next couple days when I have some time off to write more!! I’ll be writing about Chicago, Detroit and Youngstown OH (which is tonight at a club called Cedar’s)…I gotta go get ready now….check back soon!!

6 thoughts on “Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #4

  • I work at Shellabellas and came to your show in Youngstown. Wow I must say I was very impressed. Keep it up guys and gal. Maybe someday I can be your band chef. lol. Stay safe and good luck.

  • Mine is Caesar Saratoga!

    I’m from San Diego, which will kick L.A.’s ass any day of the week! 😉

    It was great seeing you guys in Rochester. I was really down in the dumps, but Warner Drive put a smile on my face! I got to meet Ryan and talk about guitars, he’s a great guy. Looking forward to seeing you again!

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