Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #3

So I think I left off at we had a day off in Boise the day after our Knitting Factory show….We were all pretty exhausted the next day so we took it easy. Our friend Kelly has this bad ass Harley that he customized himself (see photos below) and he convinced me to go on a bike ride with him even though I am terrified of bikes haha. (Mom please don’t be mad lol!) He took me for a tour of Boise, the lake and the surrounding mountains…I have to say it definitely did not suck! We got back just in time to meet up with the rest of the band, our friends Levi, Jo Wood, Mandi and Cassie for an amazing sushi dinner (photo below). After we stuffed ourselves full of sushi we went back to our friend LEvi and Kelly’s house where we were staying and had a movie and popcorn night haha. We watched The Adjustment Bureau and then I just had to go to bed since I was still pretty exhausted from the prior days.

The next morning we all got back in the van and caravanned with the guys from the band Acidic that we have been touring with. We had a VERY long road ahead of us: 1400 miles to Iowa City, IA! We stopped at a Walmart that was a couple hours out of Boise to get some groceries, but we were so hungry that we decided to grill burgers and hot dogs right there in the Walmart parking lot (see photos)….no, we’re not white trashy at all!! All of a sudden out of nowhere we got attacked by seagulls and our van got bombed, but they surprisingly missed us haha! After we got done eating and being attacked my seagulls (why were there seagulls in WY?), we got back on the road….it took FOR…EV….ER….33 hours to be exact by the time we got to Iowa City. I thought I was going to lose my mind in the van!!! But after a long long drive we finally made it to the venue Gabe’s in Iowa City to finally play the show. Acidic played first, then us and we went to a little afterparty at our friend Chris’s house afterwards. After hanging out for a while we went to the hotel, watched a little ESPN sports center and passed out.

Today we will head out to Rochester, MN to play the Northstar Bar! The best part is that it’s only a 4 hour drive woohoo!!! See ya tonight Rochester…can’t wait!

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