Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #2

The last couple days have been hectic to say the least. We played The Boardwalk in Sacramento on Thursday night…awesome show! We went to be around 4am and woke up at 6am to leave for Portland. So I got a 2 hour nap. I spent 12 hours in the van with my 4 wives….Elvis and Jonny U yelling “windows” every 5 minutes…sigh…I tried to sleep but I can’t ever sleep in the van….

We finally got to Portland Friday to play The Tiger Bar which was another great show (thank you Lexie!)…this time Acidic the band that’s touring with us played the show with us (by the way you gotta check em out!)…but here is where the craziness started…everyone in both bands (especially Warner Drive hahah) proceeded to get pretty hammered, except me….so by the end of the night it was just chaos. I always say that trying to assemble these guys at the end of a night like this is like trying to assemble chickens in a’s impossible! It took them 2.5 hours to get the trailer loaded lol! Jonny Law threw a piece of hamburger meat at me in the parking lot…I have no idea why..and then he ran as fast as he could…so I took the chunk of meat, opened up his suitcase and stuffed the piece of meat in one of his jeans pockets…he doesn’t know yet but I’m sure he will figure it out soon enough hahah….And then the van battery died just as we were going to finally leave the venue…oh and did I mention that we had to drive all night to get to Boise in time to have soundcheck the following afternoon at The Knitting Factory? At least the guys from Acidic jumped our van….and Being the only sober one, I had to drive them all over night through some mountains and after a few hours of driving I pulled in to a rest area because I couldn’t see straight anymore. ask carolyn . I hadn’t really slept in a couple days and couldn’t go anymore. But when I tried to wake the guys up to get someone else to drive they were still very much passed out so we just slept there a couple hours. Finally Jonny U woke up to drive and we got back on the road. I tried to sleep but again, I just can’t really sleep in that van.

We finally got to The Knitting Factory in Boise around 3PM in just enough time for load in and soundcheck. We got done around 5:30PM and got to hang out for a bit and eat (thanks to Ryan and the Knitting Factory for being so good to us!) and shower and get ready. We basically hung out at the merch booth until it was time for us to play…another awesome show by the way! Acidic kicked ass and Jonny Law even played a couple songs with them since their other guitar player had to miss the show. Overall it was really great night. Since it was kind of an early show (curfew was at 11:30PM because it was all ages), we all went across the street to Liquid for the afterparty where our friend Jimmy Sinn played a punk rock acoustic set and everyone basically partied their asses off (except me again!) because by this time I hadn’t slept in 3 days and could barely stay awake. And when the bar closed we all went back to our friend Levi’s of 1332 Records for afterparty #2! lol. Except my afterparty consisted of taking a shower and FINALLY going to bed! I have never been so happy to go to sleep hahah. is weight watchers site down Woke up this morning, the only one not hungover hahah. We have a day off in Boise today and then we will be hitting the road early tomorrow morning for a 24 hour drive to Iowa City to play Gabe’s…yup another day in the van with my 4 wives…i’ll let you know how it goes ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #2

  • Hah !!! Sounds like everyday is an adventure with you guys. Glad to know that you a arrived all safe and sound, even if horribly sleep deprived. Btw: I share your sentiments about sleeping in a van as I’m very much the same when it comes to planes and buses.

  • Ahhhh! Damn Jonny only had two drinks skinny minny (well the 2 I gave him). Soooo glad to see you all! Can’t wait for SSMF if I don’t come Down before:) Give the wives my love!!

  • It sounds like so much fun! To go to places. U shouldpull pranks on the 4 wives! I sodo tht!! Hahaha i hope u get more sleep.

  • Candice It’s not good for You to go without sleep that long. Boy’s a little less partying and a little more Group Participation. Candice is Not your Mother and You should all take turns driving, so You can all be fresh when you get to the Venue and can give the Best Show. Have a Great Tour & Have Fun ! WINDOWS ! LOL

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