Candice’s Tour Diary Entry #1

Dear diary,

Day number one……well so far so good. We played at Camozzi’s last night and the Guys are up to their usual antics. Actually I have decided that they are no longer “my 4 sisters”, they are now my “4 wives”. I would say husbands but let’s face it….ya who are we kidding….

We also have a band touring with us this time called Acidic. Saw them play last night and they are pretty good! And Pretty stoked to have them join us on this tour. 

….As I’m writing us I just heard someone yell “windows!” from the back of the van…..ya now I know I’m officially on tour….only 25 more days in the van hahaha. 

Tonight we will be playing at The Boardwalk in Sacramento….see all you nor cal people tonight!!! Oh and if anyone can bring me a gas mask I would be most appreciative….

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