So were back home!!!

What a 3 months it has been!! As most of you know we spent March in the Midwest and West Coast. Then came April were we focused on the North and South west, then of course May took us to some new areas of the country. We made it through the Midwest down through the Southeast. All the while as you know from our recent post we dodged a few tornados! Now put that aside, our show in Joplin, MO was an amazing time and have it scheduled again for early fall time!! The were some amazing highlights in the last 3 months!! Let me just say we love all the people who help us along the way whether it’s a floor to crash on or a bowl of spaghetti!! Thank you all… Frankie and Misty in Denver/ Wes in Joplon/ Levi and Kelly in Boise/ Lexi and Damon in Portland/ Mom and Dad Udell/ Scotty U/ Mom and Dad Schdowski/ Marla in Birmingham/ Annie in Jacksonville/ Jake-Downtown Lounge in Tulsa/ Berto in Santa Fe/ Radio Ron in Huntington Beach/ Debra in Phoenix/ Steve Beneath in Albaquerqe/ Craig in Colorado Springs/ Mike D in Kansas City/ Ashley and Autumn in Atascadero/ Amadao in Sacramento/ Dan in Phoenix… If there is anyone I forgot I do apologize, have had some drinks over the last 3 months! Lol
Without all of them we would have prob not eaten and def would have smelled terrible!!
From a personal stand point I would like to point out some of my favorite highlights! St Louis has become a personal favorite for me, the food is awesome, Elvis’s folks kick ass and his gradma has the best coffee on the planet!! I wanna personally thank Tony for getting me out of the club to watch some tv, not to mention going back to Fubar after we left to see if he could find my keys! Turns out they were at the bottom of my bag! I’m such a dork sometimes!!! I always have a blast in Boise and Phoenix! It was really awesome to see my family in the Florida part of the tour as well as some great friends like Nemeroff(runs our Florida street team) Stu and Todd, Winegaurd and Gabler, Chris Muller, my brothers and I hope I didn’t forget any of ya! Now let me say we played Denver 3 times in the last 3 months.. Moes twice and Hermans Hideaway… Mows has great food!!! Our street team in Denver (Morgan and Amanda) do such a great job for us, we are so VERY grateful for all your hard work!!!
Put the elevation aside Denver is def in my top 3 cities we play!! Don’t wanna forget the hometown crowd, in the middle of this long journey we played the Roxy in Hollywood to yet another sold out crowd!! The list of names could go on for the hometown city and all I can say is I love all of you and we have my birthday party / show at the Roxy on June 25th!! Ogden Ut has been a pleasant surprise the 2 times we went there! One of the biggest surprises on this tour was Santa Fe, NM!! Thanx to all driving up from Albaquerque to join us. We had a 18 hour drive to start May from Huntington Beach to Santa Fe, goodness I tell you, a F**kin long one!!! Tampa, FL was also another great surprise, we met a ton of kids from a nearby collage and did we party!!
Overall it was quite a success! We are home for a month for the 1st time since Febuary and come July 6th we start our trek once again through America, this time were gonna be on the east coast and the Midwest! New York, New Jersey and Philly here we come!! We are stoked to go back and see all of our Friends out there!! Hey Vinnie can ya hear me!! Haha!!
So again thank you to everyone who supports our cause!! And until next time, Keep On Killin for Rock And Roll!!!

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