Warner Drive is now a Jagermeister band! And I think we invented a new Jager drink?

We are really proud to say that Warner Drive has joined the Jagermeister crew! This is really exciting and we are very much looking forward to working with them!

Today, Jonny U, Elvis, and I went to San Diego to meet with Steven and Adam from Jagermeister (2 awesome guys!). At the end of lunch, Steven ordered a round of Root Beer and Jager shots. But at at the same time the waitress brought us the shots, she also brought Adam a birthday cookie and vanilla ice cream Pizooki thingy….so I said wait!!!!….What if….I know this sounds crazy, but maybe…..what if

we put the ice cream in the root beer and had a Jager Root Beer Float shot….and it turns out that it was the best Jager shot EVER…..history was created…..then we named it The Jager Float….

Anyway, just so everyone knows there is proof of this momentous event, we had the waitress take pictures…so here they are!


One thought on “Warner Drive is now a Jagermeister band! And I think we invented a new Jager drink?

  • A couple of years ago camping we wanted to do shots. All we had was a bottle of jag and no monster/red bull. So we started mixing the kids juice boxes, lemonade, cherry pepsi, sprite, etc if it was in the camper we tried it. All tasted like dog ass think even a little puking them up was involved. Still we held strong looking for the perfect matching. A neighbor came over with some Mug rootbeer after we exhausted all of our potions and history was made for us. We dubbed then “Mugamieters” and the whole campground and most of ouot frinds drink them! Now to try it with a bit of ice cream!

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