April 20th , 2011 Tour Blog #1

Wow!! It’s been a long time since I wrote a tour blog!!I figure now is a better time than ever!! It’s Wed April 20th, 2011 and I’m sitting in the back of the van where we have a makeshift bed. It is the best spot in the van if you intend on getting some real good sleep!! We played a all ages show in Ogden, Utah tonight at a place called The Basement!! Utah has been a tough state for us to break into. I think we might have found a new home!! The show was great and the kids were awesome! A huge thank you goes out to Jason the owner of the Basement, Brad and Jake were also great! See you guys on May 27th!! We started this leg of the Spring 2011 tour in Atasacedro, CA. It was a blast and as usual at Camozzies we were welcome with enough alcohol to really let ya know the next morning!!! The following night we were in Sacramento rockin out with Jamie and the boys!! And did I mention Grady?! Whenever he’s around there isn’t anybody who can top him!!! Grady your our brother from another mother!!! The next day we had to get up early and drive to Portland for our 2 night stay at the Tiger Bar! After a 10 hour drive we finally made it! Problem was we all seemed to be getting sick! Non the less it was so amazing and such fun great shows with lots of great people and friends!!! Lexxi and crew we live ya!! And a little extra thanx to Lexxi and Damon for taking such great care of us!! Well Sunday rolled around and we found ourselves with much needed day off to try and beat the sickness that had taken over the van!! Haha We drove into Boise, ID on Sunday and got there early enough to have a few drinks with our buddies in Unwritten Law. Good times for sure!! The comes Monday, you know what that means don’t you?! Our return back to 1332 Records Punk Monday at Liquid!! It was great to be back, we hadn’t played a Punk Monday since last June!! To say the least we were welcomed with open arms and dam was it great!! Whoa daddy what a party!!! We spent the next day in Boise hangin with our friends Levi and Kelly, they’re the best for always letting us crash at their place!! Thanx fellas!! Candice and Jonny did stay with Charlenes (Candice and cats don’t get along!:( Hi Mia!)that leads me to now… Sitting here about to fall asleep and wake up in Denver tomorrow morning!! Hermans Hideaway tomorrow night!! Can’t wait!! Until next time, Jonny U signing off!!

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